Round Country Style Side Table

Over the weekend I was able to get this little table done.
This picture was taken before some minor distressing on the spindles.
I finished the base in Heirloom White,
sanded and restained the top in some "oops" stain
and whitewashed it and sealed with wax.

It is 28" round x 25.5" high


Here's the BEFORE

Would you actually believe the ONE thing I FORGOT
on my camping trip??? - my new camera.

So...I have yet to read anything on how to use it,
but please give me a little time and
I'll be sharing beautifully edited photos to you! ;-)

In the meantime, I stained and sealed our bench.
I can't wait to share! I've decided to go with
wicker baskets instead, so I'm on the hunt.

I really think it's been an exhausting week too,
because I couldn't quite manage to get my
sweet 2.5 year old down for his nap on time...

this day...

this day...

this day...

or this day!

I hope that gives you a good laugh, because I was
cracking up every day I'd come around the corner, and
SURPRISE....there he was! Lol :-)
He's definitely a non-stop kinda kid!

Have a great day!



Emily said...

Beautiful table! And what a cute cute boy!

L'officinadiunsogno said...
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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

the table is adorable, but your son steals the show- too cute!

Artsy VaVa said...

I love your table makeover! I think I just redid your round table's square brother...

Jessie said...

You did a wonderful job on the table. And your son is very adorable! What a big boy he is!

By the way, I am hosting another awesome giveaway. Come by and enter for a chance to win a stylish hanging travel kit when you get a chance, Anneke!

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog! :)


Sherryd said...

Ooh I love that table! Great job!