Today's Guest ~ Melanie from Rustic Ruffles

Well it's official - I'm off and gone, totally off of the radar and out in the woods on our family camping trip. Don't worry though! Between family and friend's trailers, motorhomes, group dinners, and s'mores, I think I'll be ok. I can't wait to use this time to practice with my new camera - yes, I'm excited! :-)

Now - gettin' onto business!

I'm excited to start my
Feature Interviews with
Welcome Melanie and thanks for being my guest today!!!

1. For starters, can you briefly introduce yourself and your family?

        My name is Melanie W. I am a stay at home Mom of 5 wonderful children (16, 9, 8, 4, 2) and wife to the most amazing guy! We own a small apple orchard in Ontario, Canada. My hubby also works for U.S. Steel and is a volunteer firefighter. I am the Mom who is always in the background trying to keep everything running as smoothly as possible-lately since I have decided I was going to get back into doing some 'Me Time' projects, there have been evenings where cereal is  supper! LOL

2. What is the story behind the name "Rustic Ruffles"?

the name? opposites? kinda like Shabby Chic-
there's nothing like a beaten up piece of furniture
beside pretty ruffled linens!
AND I have started sewing dish towels and other items
that have a frayed edge and a worn look and I call them my 'Rustic Ruffles'.

3. What is your favorite piece you have done and why?
 I have done SO many pieces over the years! Many of them get sold or traded.
Right now I am enjoying my large pine armoire that has a crackle finish with burlap coffee sacks wrapped around the door inserts. When I tire of it I can simply paint it and remove the burlap!

4. How did you come about doing what you do?
I'm just a hands on kinda gal! I think I learned a lot from my parents who were hands on,
refinished antiques and sold them and have great taste.

5. What are your Top 3 go-to tools or products?

measuring tape, sewing machine and Annie Sloan paints.

6. Who, what, where do you find inspiration from?
Inspiration is EVERYWHERE!
I had collected Country Home and Country Living magazines forever,
but 2 years ago I started drooling on my keypad here as I went from blog to blog!

7. Flats or Heels?
FLATS! flip flops gal!

8. Black, Brunette, Blonde, or Red?
brunette...after 25 years of bleaching!

9. What is your dream travel destination or vacation?
anywhere with a white sandy beach!

10. With the holidays around the corner, what is your fave tradition?

big turkey dinner and chillaxin with the fam! 

11. What is a dream of yours in the next year with Rustic Ruffles?

right now my hubby and I have been coming up with some great ideas,
and I am hoping to have some of my hand-sewn items
in some local shops within the year-for starters!

12. OH! And can you sew? Because if you can, I'm officially jealous and need lessons! :-D
I am an AMATEUR sewer! I need lessons myself!
I would LOVE to eventually sew large scale slipcovers!


Wowza - Thanks Melanie! Love, love LOVE those ruffly towels!!!
And I'm personally inspired by that hutch - GORGEOUS!
Thanks again for letting me interview you.

I personally think Melanie's ruffly towels and pillows would make GREAT gifts,
and Christmas is just around the corner.
(*hint-hint* to the hubby) ;-)

Go check out Rustic Ruffles  because I'm personally loving her stuff!


Up tomorrow in my Feature Interview "series"
 you'll get to meet

Silver Sage Design Studio

Hold onto your seats people - her work is GORGEOUS!

Sneak Peak

Oh yes. :-)

See you tomorrow!!!


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Hyphen Interiors said...

Nice to meet her! What fun images. Love the lemon, lime ones and the scale.

Katy said...

Such cute stuff!!! I really love that armoire...well done! Blessings, Katy