Newest Furniture Find

I know in blogland you're technically "not" supposed to show stuff until it's done, but I am just SO excited about this find. It's a beautiful Drexel Heritage vanity with a swivel mirror I snatched up locally. I definitely want to research the numbers on the back before I even touch it. If you are interested, contact me at the link above. I'll be able to give an accurate quote after more research. It is in GREAT shape - I am beyond thrilled!!!

Here she is:

Have a great weekend!



Congratulations Liz! Enjoy!!

Another big congratulations to Liz Davidson who won
my $50 Giveaway to RustiChic!

Here is what I ended up making just for her:

As a photographer (check out her website here), she was not hesitant one bit in saying "Please Make Me A Doll Bed!" They really are so cute for newborns, huh? :-)

Yeah for Liz! I can't wait to see the bed in your photography!!!

Happy Wednesday ~

Anneke ;-)


Linking Up At My Romantic Home!

Linking up today at My Romantic Home. I love Cindy's blog and I am always learning more from great people like her!

This is by far one of my favorite pieces I have refinished and I love that I found it locally (my very own city even!). I've said before that the idea of supporting your local community is very gratifying to me!

I thought this piece was so unique and pretty. It just needed some serious cleaning and a little make-over. I often get impatient when I'm excited, and since I didn't have any of my creamy white in stock (since that's what was in my mind to use) I just raided the shelves to see what I had to work with. Consequently...this thing morphed from one day to the next, and actually was a little on the risky side for me at this point in my little hobby. :-) I love how it turned out!

It ended up having a bit of a coastal beach type look to it. I almost wanted to sprinkle sand and toss sea shells over the top while I sipped an icy drink and read my coastal magazine. This piece also fits my chosen name perfectly with the rustic distressed look and chic scrolly legs - PERFECT!!! Rustic&Chic

So...here's the details. The basic prep of clean, sand, prime. Then a couple coats of Glossy White Spray Paint, a mix of oops paints to make a Light Sea Green color that was brushed on, then distress, distress, and more distressing (this pieces has A LOT of edges!), light mocha glaze, and sealed in semi-gloss polycrylic.

Makes me wish I had a cute little beach house to put it in.  But I don't.:-(   Thankfully one of my friend's had the perfect place for it, so now it is hers. :-) (Which means I still get to enjoy it, right?) 

Have a great week!

~Anneke :-)


Grab A Tissue - Please Watch This Video

Awhile back I wrote about how I made a bench for a fundraiser at the Space Needle. This was for a friend's little girl named Tessa.

Some of you know them and their journey very well! For those of you who do not, Tessa's dad Justin and mom Julie have shared the video documentary that was shown the night of the fundraiser.  This video is very touching and shows in a brief 10 minutes, Tessa's JDM story, and how it has changed their family. I hope you will take a moment to watch it and donate to help find a cure for JM. I will give you fair warning - grab a tissue! They are such an amazing family and Tessa is truly a gift from God.

Click here to watch Tessa's JDM video.

Thank you for watching and please donate if you can. Tessa's Cure JM fund raising website is open until September 25th for donations:

If anything, please take the time to share this video with your friends and family to help spread the word about this disease in the hopes of finding a cure some day very soon!

Loves to you all,

~Anneke :-)


Sometimes It's The Little Things In Life :-)

Some of you who really know me may not believe it. But it's true. And in the realm of amazingness of the diyourselfer blogosphere, it might be shocking.

But I actually want to shout it out!


Here's a lovely "sewing" room, don't cha think? :-)

Yeah...pretty much amazing.

So, I have had my sewing machine for almost six years - SIX YEARS!!! I guess all I can say is that some people borrowed it - and successfully used it.

Not me.

But that is on the change, and I couldn't be more excited!

Nevermind that I did somehow break 3 needles within 10 minutes and 4 straight lines of stitching, but whatever. I DID IT! WooHoo!!!

Oh....and that picture above. Here's the before -

Isn't the transformation CRAZY?!!! Can you imagine? The after is so stunningly beautiful and perfect! :-) Check out the entire before and after process here:


(sorry...something not clicking in my brain with copy/paste links via iPad.)

Have a GREAT weekend, and if you're semi-local, get out and enjoy Kla-Ha-Ya days in Snohomish!



Some Fun New Hardware

I think that because I have two little girls I just get SUPER excited when I see cute stuff like this....

I just think that they are SO cute, and have SO much potential.

So....soon enough you will be seeing these hooks incorporated to make
some wonderfully rustic and chic shelving.

I'm open to pre-sale if you are interested.

Green = I have 3

White = I have 6

White and Blue = Each have 2




I Am In Love With Built-Ins!

Yes, it's true. I just LOVE built-ins - especially when it comes to dining sets and little bench nooks by the window. Maybe because it incorporates pillows (which I love, as we have learned from my Concept Board  ) is why I am so drawn to them. Who knows??? So, here are some wonderful pictures of built-ins to share with you.....you might just fall in love too!

Dining nook with upholstered built-in bench

Love the upholstered contrast with the lighter wood and gorgeous flooring.

dining rooms - beachy white dining banquet bench wicker pendant beams wainscoting light blue  Beachy White Dining with Banquet Bench  built-n

I think you'll eventually see a table like that for sale from me!

dining rooms - Eco Bistro Chair Lotus Flower Chandelier lotus pendant rustic dining table eco bistro dining chairs built-in bench  Love this

Look at the chandelier! I LOVE THOSE!!!

Ahhh...so breezy and relaxing. Notice the books? Easy access.

 Some outdoor built-in seating = more room for guests!

In this cozy dining nook, leather benches and beaded-board accents lend cottage charm.

Some beautifully built-in leather benches.

dining rooms - gray silk roman shade turquoise blue painted dining table turned legs built-in bench gray turquoise blue floral pillows  Amoroso

I want to refinish a table like this!!!

Striped Banquette

Isn't that table cute with the contrast of the pillows and flooring?

LOVE the little vanity in between!

I just about died when I saw this!!! Perfect design with
a contrast of colors and material. I'm not sure if that is like eight beds or something!
Wouldn't that be crazy?! More friends to enjoy, right?! :-)

I hope you've enjoyed these pictures. They make me want to go get to work!
I am definitely available to design and build custom for you!!!

Have a GREAT weekend!

~Anneke :-)


Top 5 Craigslist Purchases from 2010

I know....you must be thinking, "What??? 2010".  I might as well talk about the 80's! ;-)

But since I am such a big Craigslister, I wanted to share with you what I would consider my Top 5 Craigslist Purchases from last year, that THIS year, I am STILL loving!!!

Here we go.....

5. Set of 3 Brand New Restoration Hardware Pendant Lamps for $200.

They just didn't work in the homeowner's house they were building and it was a discontinued item they could not return. I only needed one, so I sold two as a pair for $150, and used the one in my son's room. I scored a brand spankin' new Restoration Hardware Pendant Light for 50 bucks people.

4. Tuscan Style Wall Hanging for $80...just down the road.

This thing is HUGE....47" x 47"! It's PERFECT for our living room wall!

3. INSANITY workout DVDs for $40 (like $150 or something through their website)

These are the craziest DVDs ever. I LOVE them!
We live close to the ferry, and this was for sale on the other side (a slight price increase).
But we packed up the kids and made a little ferry/island field trip out of it,
and made a great memory.

2. Starbuck's Barista Espresso Machine for $80

The guy I bought this from was probably in his late 50s/early 60s.
He said he had bought it for his mother, who only used it once a week the past couple of years.
I use it just about EVERY day! HA!!! :-)

1. My Apple iPad 16gb wifi for $425.

I probably saved about $150 buying this barely used with the prices at the time, and I LOVE IT!!! Do you see a theme? Every day I am so glad that I got this. I just love tablets in general, and I'm so excited about the different versions coming out. I might pass this one in particular onto the kiddos since it's so basic, and keep a lookout for an iPad 2 with the cameras...that would make blogging super easy.

I hope you've enjoyed these favorite finds of mine today. I'd love to hear about yours!



It's Your Lucky Day...I'm Having a Clearance

Sometimes, you make things that everybody loves, but seriously...nobody buys. All I can say is "Oh well...guess it's your lucky day!"

Here is a full size Rustic Mahogany Stained Headboard
with a bolted metal frame.
Yours for $140.

Yes...I need better photos. I think that might be part of it. Your lucky day!!! :-)

Here is my beautifully painted chair. I haven't been the best about listing it, because I actually really like it. But realistically, I don't have the space to keep it. Since it was a fun experiment, I'm willing to let you have it for $120. (Just schedule when my girl's aren't around) :-) jk

My last round creamy side table. 24" x 24" Asking $75

Contact me through this website or facebook if you are interested in any of these!