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(their new website just launched this weekend ~
it's SO cute ~ I Love it!)

1. Can you briefly introduce yourself. Your family, what you do, how long have
you been doing this, etc.?
Why hello there! My name is Steph Sheraton, originally from California &
mostly raised in a suburb of Seattle, Washington. I am 24, a college graduate
with degrees in Pastoral Ministries & Communication, & happily married to my
first real boyfriend, Matt- he’s wonderful. And handsome. My parents live 20
minutes south of us & his live 20 minutes north. We are covered in the childcare
department for when we have babies someday! I am a social butterfly but have
great appreciation for occasional cozy days to stay home in my sweats. I own a
designer label called Bliss Mayberry. I design everything from purses, baby bags,
& messenger bag to dresses, scarves, & all things rustic & lacey.

Heidi Beth Loopdy Scarf in upcycled white vintage lace, blue/white striped jersey, & vintage lace trim
Heidi Beth Loopdy Scarf

2. What is the story behind the name Bliss Mayberry?
Here’s the low-down on my label & why we call it as such:
BLISS MAYBERRY- darling for its reminiscence of rustic couture, positively
cheerful indulgences, & unexpectedly lovely contradictions. One could only
describe our need for simple fanciness as "Bliss." The term "Mayberry" was
embraced for its representation of the "good ole days": when people took time
to vacate front porch swings, shoot the breeze & enjoy the simple pleasures in
life (perhaps with an "ice cold Cherry Coke" in hand, as suggested by country
artist Rascal Flatts). Though the drink in hand may very well now be an iced
coconut latte (the lead designer's drink of choice), the need for such pleasantries
remains. The vision of Bliss Mayberry is simply this: To lavish it's wearers with
sidewalk-stopping pieces & to ensure that when all else fails on a bad hair day,
one can still look & feel daaang good.

Upcycled Vintage Military Messenger Bag with vintage lace & buttons

Upcycled Vintage Military Messenger Bag with vintage lace & buttons
Upcycled Vintage Military Messenger Bag

3. What do you like to do when you are not "working"?
And of course...what's your fav coffee? :-)
Fortunately, a large part of the “work” category gets to be my business! And I
LOVE doing it- so sometimes the line between work & play gets blurred. I adore
shifting through vintage treasures, traveling, writing cards, & being with my
friends & fam. My husband & I are thrilled when we get a free night to simply
be home together & snuggle up on the couch with a movie & snacks. I also love
farmer’s markets & trying out new coffee shops- I always seem to default to
coconut lattes or iced white chocolate Americanos with a splash of cream.
In fact- hold that thought... I’m gonna go grab one…
Just kidding, I’m back.

(he-he-he: silly girl ~A)

Little Lainy Hip Bag Mini for little girls in yellow, mint, & lace
Little Lainy Hip Bag Mini for little girls
(isn't that adorable?!!! ~A)

4. How did you come about doing what you do
 and what do you absolutely LOVE about it?
I have always crafted & created things. For the most part of my life,
these “creations” ended up being gifts for girlfriends or simply projects to
entertain myself because I can’t seem to just sit still without crafting- a quality
my mom & I both share. However, I was given the opportunity to display a few
of my things @ a friend’s booth @ a local farmer’s market. Wouldn’t you know
it, along strolled a senator one afternoon. She purchased one of my Leah Hip
Bag & then returned the next week to invite me to be featured @ an upcoming
Women’s event. I sewed like crazy to prepare, & then went & had a blast. The
networking that took place enabled me to expand into several boutiques as well
as to have my own website & online store. It encouraged me that my design
concepts could eventually become a brand that would one day pay the bills &
be a fulfillment of one of my passions! And I can do a lot of it from home or on
my own schedule- & for a married girl who dreams to one day be a mom?
This is essential.

Sunray Beach Wood Mirror
Sunray Beach Wood Mirror

5. What is one fashion trend that you are absolutely loving right now?
I love all things military surplus, so I’m thrilled that I can currently get away
with it with fewer funny glances from onlookers. I keep defaulting to tribal prints,
skinny jeans, boots, flannel, & all things lace or grey.

Leah Hip Bag- CUSTOMIZED for YOU from your military jacket/garment
Leah Hip Bag

6. Who, what, where do you find inspiration from?
Usually? A material. I often will see a material or even simply a button, have
a picture flash in my head, & then I can’t stop thinking about it until I make
it. Other times, it’s to fill a need or hole in my wardrobe. Recently, I found an
awesome, buttery leather vintage bomber jacket that was way rad, but didn’t fit
my hubby. So… I took it apart & used the awesome leather to create awesome
little wristlets embellished in vintage doilies & buttons.

Ravonne Vintage Tie Wristlet in blue, vintage lace, stripes, & dainty charm
Ravonne Vintage Tie Wristlet

7. Color is a huge part of what you do - what's your fave?
I am drawn to all things turquoise- you’ll never find me without a turquoise
ring on! I also can’t get enough of mint, peach, & grey whether it be in clothing,
accessories, or d├ęcor.

Petite Carlee Satchel/Clutch

8. Flats or Heels?
I wish I could say heels, but I am SUCH a comfort fein. My defaults are flip flops,
gladiator sandals, & cowboy boot- yum.

Tony Lama western 13" black Ol' Buck black leather cowboy boot, style 6156
Tony Lama Western Black Leather Cowboy Boot

9. Black, Brunette, Blonde, or Red?
Uhg, this one hits close to home. BLONDE!! However, don’t look @ me now! I
am emotionally recovering from a “hair flop” scenario this past weekend- ladies
we’ve all experienced these moments- where my appointment to add in a smidge
of natural brown resulted in all-over, nearly black hair. I am trying to endure.
Thank goodness for color stripping shampoo!

Ventura Tunic Dress in mint, lace,  grey & white stripe
Ventura Tunic Dress

10. What is your dream travel destination or vacation?
A combo of Disneyland/world & a tropical local. I will have to check out that
new Disney resort in the Bahamas! And someday?? The runways of New York &
Europe for Fashion Week.

Leah Hip Bag in upcycled coffee bag, minty-seafoam, & vintage lace handmade flower
Leah Hip Bag in upcycled coffee bag

11. With the holidays around the corner, what is your fav tradition?
I was raised in a very, let’s politely say…"festive" family. My parents were
adamant about making birthday & holiday a big deal & that is a tradition I carry
on. One of our family’s sweetest Christmas traditions was a nightly sing-a-long.
As soon as we got our Christmas tree every year, our nightly ritual could begin:
we’d put on our cozy jammies, brush our teeth, & be all ready to hop into bed.
But first, the 4 of us would snuggle up on the couches around our beautiful tree &
we’d sing Christmas carols. We’d each get to pick one and if we were lucky?
We’d get to pick 2. I am blessed with a beautiful family & lovely parents!

Heidi Beth Loopdy Scarf in fall red jersey, vintage lace panel, & vintage lace trim
Heidi Beth Loopdy Scarf in fall red jersey

12. What is a dream of yours in the next year for Bliss Mayberry?
As my designs have spread, I have had a difficulty keeping up with demand-
kind of a dream problem! Thus, one of my main outlets for sales has become my
online store because it’s so easy to update & incorporate new designs. As I take
on more seamstresses, I look forward to again embracing the boutique & shop
venues once more, & watch Bliss Mayberry expand!

Heidi Beth Loopdy Scarf in country flower, black jersey, & vintage lace
Heidi Beth Loopdy Scarf in country flower

13. OH! What is a customer fav or #1 Selling item from your shop?
Currently, our scarves are flying off the racks! It must be the blundery weather-
we are all feeling fall-ish & craving our cozy comforts like perhaps a new scarf.
My custom military bags have recently been a hit as of lately as well! These are
listings that people can purchase, & then they ship me their personal (or that
of a loved one’s) military uniforms. I in return create for them a custom hip or
messenger bag- I guess you could say I’m sentimental but I love hearing the
stories that are coming in with these garments. I love supporting our military
families in love!

Leah Hip Bag in upcycled Army jacket, hand-stamped and stitched turquoise key, black lace, & damask print
Leah Hip Bag in upcycled Army jacket


Wow Steph! I'm seriously feeling all happy and cozy just reading that.
Plus, my friends, I've met this girl in person
and she is way rad.
Oh, I just had to get that in there! :-)
And you look GORGEOUS girl ~
no matter your hair color!

What's YOUR fave?

Well guess what?
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Steph is offering
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All of Steph's beauties would make great gifts
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your own personal enjoyment. ;-)

My faves:
Yeah ~ I couldn't pick just one!
And my hubby's list is
loooooonnnnnnggg after all of my guests! hehe

Heidi Beth Loopdy Scarf in super soft oatmeal grey jersey, upcycled white vintage lace, & vintage lace trim


Heidi Beth Loopdy Scarf in red/navy striped jersey, grey jersey, & white vintage lace

And yes...I didn't add links on purpose. :-p

Thanks again Steph!

{Bliss Mayberry}
Steph Sheraton

Here's to a great day! If it seems a bit blustery,
head on over to Bliss Mayberry. :-D

Please pray for safe travels -
I'm comin' home!

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