Distressed Black Chest/Bench

Hello! Is is just me or is Christmas fun in FULL swing?!!!
Tune in tomorrow for a GREAT review if you
are looking for some beautiful and affordable fresh greens
for your home - local or not!

Up next for sale:

I just refinished a very nice wood chest that was in great condition,
but I thought a little black distressed treatment would
look more up-to-date and versatile.
(I so apologize...pictures are not in my favor here.) :-/

(the spots on top are not there - is a smooth solid black)

GREAT interior and storage!!!

This would be perfect just about anywhere..entryway, boy's room, girl's room,
master bedroom, playroom, mud room....

It has great storage underneath the lid and has two
high quality lid supports with no squeaks whatsoever.
Then the two drawers underneath can hold smaller items -
anything from scarves and gloves to papers.

Dimensions are 48.5" long x 15.25" deep x 24" high

Contact me for arrangements


I think it looks great both ways, but I really love the black! :-)

Thanks for popping in today!


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Some Office Inspiration

I find it rather odd that in my little world of google image search, which usually brings me immediate inspiration, I'm left me with only a handful of pictures that inspire me for our office space...and even these aren't really what I'm thinking of. :-( We're really spending time evaluating how our spaces are used and how to maximize each space balancing function and aesthetics. Dream design right? :-)

I suppose I'm thankful for the opportunity to come up with something that really works for our family in our space! I'm pretty busy with some custom work right now and wish I had more to share with you today, but if you are here today reading, THANK YOU! I can't wait to show you all that's "in the works".

I hope that each of you had a fantastic Thanksgiving and maybe some fun Christmas decorating and shopping. I've still got a few things waiting for me to pick up at Lowe's ~ I'm definitely the online shopping guru! Soooooo, guess what I'm up to today??? Cyber Monday! ;-)

Thanks for stopping by today!

~Anneke :-)


Pom Pom Ornaments - Family Fun!

It's been a pretty laid back day beginning our
Thanksgiving festivities.
The kids and I ventured to Joann's today
and picked up some Ron-Loc Muslin.
All for some family crafting of pom-pom ornaments!

Hopefully we'll be getting a tree Saturday to put these on. :-)

This muslin is a little more expensive,
but it looks and feels fantastic.

It did get a little messy making these ornaments though! See the floor!!!

The girls helped out with a couple each.


The ornaments still needed "haircuts" as I say.
You can find the tutorial for these here.

I hope you are enjoying the kick-off to your Thanksgiving holiday,
and I pray that you are safe, happy, and blessed!

Happy Thanksgiving (early) :-)



Some Birthday Ramblings and Giveaway Winner!

I'm not sure I mentioned once last week that our family has been sick. Maybe I thought, "Oh, it'll just be a couple days and we'll all be back to normal".  I wish!  Feel free to scroll down if you don't wish to hear my brief ranting. :-(

As I've recently learned, even some people closest to me didn't know I am practically blind (at least in my opinion). I wear Night and Day contacts (AMAZING!!!), but last week's projects left some dust in my eyes which has left me with a possible scratch on my eye. I'm resorting to my glasses and no eye make-up, and honestly, just don't feel like myself. Not to mention the hacking chest cough and congestion that just won't.go.away, leaving me tired and unable breath let alone workout. Enough about me - my kiddos actaully endured a couple days of fevers, and my super hubby somehow managed to be the only one of us who didn't get this cold. Even after getting his flu shot last week - at least someone was left to take care of us. ;-)

By the way, my hubby is pretty amazing and really knows me best. If you follow via twitter, you know that my wonderful husband got me this for my birthday last week.

I was SHOCKED to say the least.
Personally, I was just happy that we had a great offer
on our house, he got me a yummy coffee,
and a date night at my fave restaurant Conto's.

It's a new compressor btw. I took a picture of the old one,
but deleted it. It's so ugly and old! lol
This one has one 16-gauge nail gun,
one 18-gauge nail gun,
and a STAPLER! Yeah...no more hammer tacker!

So, now I am recovering from sickness last night's birthday party,
and totally planning to enjoy the little bit of extra
DQ Ice Cream Cake my mom brought for the party.
Oh how I love that stuff...I really need to kick this cold
so I can workout!!!

--- ANYWAY ---

This is what you've been waiting for ~
The winner of the H&M Bracelet is.....................


Congrats Jenni! I'll be contacting you for info.
to get this pretty bracelet in your mailbox!

Thank you to everyone who entered! Tomorrow is my "official" work
day and I'm hoping to get some pieces finished up to share
with you - please pray that this cold with go away already!

Have a great day,


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Giveaway Reminder

Just popping on here quick to remind you of the current giveaway for a sparkly pink H&M snap bracelet! Enter now to make it yours! The winner will be announced Monday. :-)

Have a fantastic weekend!!!



Inspirations....Furniture, Fashion, and Decor

Well that would be my lovely sister behind that sign
which I totally would like to make a diy version
and put it up in my house.

On our recent Sister Day, Kayla and I headed out
for some window shopping extravaganza!
Between H&M, Anthropologie, and even Joann Fabrics
we found plenty to oogle over and be inspired by.

In really no particular order...prepare to be inundated.

Loved this table!

Beautiful turquoise jewelry.

This hutch had quite the character!

I walked into Anthropologie.
Screamed in excitement (in my head, of course).
And snap, snap, snapped away.

I can't wait to make something like this with the hubby!

AWESOME chair! Ahhhh!!!

Beautiful chest.

This picture really does not do this hutch justice.

Another awesome chair. The green strings
were part of a little project the employees were working on.
They were sweet and helped me pick out some knobs. :-)

The sliding doors on this were amazing.

 Ok...moving on.

Some great home decor.

(Sorry for the blur on this one.)
I'd love to make some diy art with metal letters like this -
they were amazing quality. Unfortunately not so wallet friendly. :-(
Don't worry...I'm brainstorming a way to make.it.happen. :-)

Some blingy tree decor - could also be a tree topper.

These are at Joann Fabrics!!! I about died when I saw them.
LOVE!!!!!! I want to decorate our entire tree with a set!
The new Dick's Burgers in Edmonds - classic!

Ok....we thought these frilly things at GAP were cute.

These at H&M?????? NOOOO!!!!!!!!
Few people know that before my oldest daughter (6)
was ever born, I would see super cute things from H&M
in fashion magazines that were actually within my budget.

Not having an H&M close by, I checked online -
WHAT??? No online shopping!
I was SO bummed that I literally, oh yes I did,
write to the company.
Basically I said....
Please, please, please, if you put a store in Seattle
I will shop there!

Ahem....this was my first trip.
And now you know why I was SO excited!
It had been toooo long since a store had opened.

Ok - so since you can't buy online,
hop on over to the giveaway
for a sparkly snap bracelet by H&M
if you haven't had a chance to enter yet!

Have a great weekend!
Take a moment to kiss your kids,
tell someone how much you care, and/or give somehow to
your local food bank or shelter for
the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday!


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It's My Birthday and A Giveaway!!!

Wow! Well you all know how to make a girl smile!!! All the comments on my Union Jack Buffet were SO sweet and encouraging - who wouldn't appreciate that?! So thank YOU!  If I haven't gotten back to you yet, I will very soon! :-)

On another great note...



Any lovely guesses on my age???
Ok, I'll just tell you -


It's been quite the year. And honestly, when I take it
ONE day at a time, it's hard to reflect on an ENTIRE year!

A few highlights:

November 2010
I get the bright idea (from Ana White)
to build beds for our girls.

January 2011
Whibey Island Retreat - 4 days alone
(i.e. quiet...reflective...and serious goal setting)

April 2011
I published my first blog post.
1. I knew nothing about blogging and had not followed any blogs.
2. It's kind of sad that old console is not done - sheesh.
Going to fix that this week!
3. Check out Kristy's blog here- I was SO excited
that she was my first follower! Her work is amazing!

May 16th, 2011
I'm officially off of my kidney medication
of prednisone after an entire year.
I haven't talked about this with you yet.
I'm not quite ready, but one day soon...

June 2011
9-year Anniversary w/ the Hubby!
Finished The Rock & Roll Half Marathon!

August 2011
My big sis gets married!!!

September 2011
My 1st baby girl starts Kindergarten! What?!!!

November 2011
The Big 2-9! :-)

It's been a year of change, but good change.

And now for some birthday fun for YOU
with an appreciation giveaway!

Yes, while I was out and about on my sister day
I was thinking of you and decided to pick
up this cute little snap bracelet @ H&M
to giveaway on my birthday - to you. :-)

Over time you will notice...
I love pink and I love sparkle!

Whether for yourself, daughter, sister,
mom, friend, niece, etc.
this is perfect amount of sparkle to add
to a casual outfit or a bit fancier look.
No...it's not a huge giveaway,
but it's cute, fun, and free!

So make it YOURS!!! :-)

Here are the guidelines - let's keep it simple.

Comment on this post letting me know
what you are most thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Extra entries:
Share this giveaway link via Facebook, Twitter, or Blog
and comment letting me know for each one.

That's it!

*If you are not linked by e.mail, you need to include an e.mail
address so I can contact you if you win! If I cannot contact the
winner within two days, a new winner will be chosen.

This giveaway ends Saturday, November 19th at 9pm PST. Shipping cost included. US Residents only. The winner will be drawn at random via random.org and announced on Monday, November 21st at http://www.rustichic.com/.

Good Luck!!!

(one of my fave picts. of me and bub-summer 2010)


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Union Jack Waterfall Buffet

Are you ready??? :-) This piece of furniture was one of those pieces that literally morphed while in process. We'll start with an AFTER shall we?

You like???

When someone handed it over to me like this


I thought - ok...I'll just paint it pretty and call it good.
But then I noticed the top was peeling...well,
the whole thing was in bad shape!
Look what was underneath the top though.
I just had to incorporate a stained top somehow.

Sooo...I ended up with this.

this is not.how.I.had.envisioned.it.in.my.head. :-(
Thinking......thinking.......what to do now?

Somehow the Union Jack symbol came to mind.
Of course! That would look awesome!!!
I hope....  :-)

Finishing Details:

Minwax Jacobean - 2 coats
Tung Oil- 2 coats
ASCP Paris Gray (large stripes)
ASCP Old White (skinny stripes)
Rustoleum Gloss Navy Blue Spray Paint
Annie Sloan Clear Wax
Kilz Primer Spray Paint (not pictured)

I'm going to need to buy an ENTIRE
new roll of FROGTAPE! :-)
Boy, that was a lot of taping.

Two deep drawers in the middle.

One long skinny top with three divided drawers on the right.

New oil-rubbed bronze pulls with brass highlights
(in stock @ Lowe's)

A little distressing.....

And a little more distressing....  :-)

Original hinges were used.

The antique waterfall style somehow fits perfectly, and
I love that the blue part is high gloss and the gray and white
are a low sheen from the wax finish!

It could be used as a dresser, entry table, or
console table and has great storage.
It definitely makes a statement without being too bold.
I really contemplated adding the traditional red, but
just really fell in love with the cool tones
and nautical feel of the piece.

Dimensions are 54"long x 20"wide x 35.5"high

$375 cash
Contact me for arrangements.

I can't wait to see who it gets to go home with!


On another wonderful note, if you follow
via facebook, you knew that I recently won a giveaway
from Centsational Girl Kate for 5 yards of
Waverly Fabric! Hello!! Centsational Girl!!!

I learned about this on the way home from
our camping trip, made my selections, and
they arrived at my front door step to-day!

Here were my picks!

It was a tough choice, but I love how they all work together.
I have absolutely no specific plan for them, but
they may end up in a project or two. :-)

Just in case you are curious, these are from
Waverly's Modern Essentials Collection.

Left to Right:
Farmer's Market - Plum 675942
Glamour - Shale 652404
Network - Sunshine 675951

I hope your week has been off to a GREAT start.
Some fun-ness for myself is that

(That would be the 16th!) :-)

I'm SO excited!
I kind of wonder if anyone can guess my age.
That could be a little dangerous!
You'll have to come back to find out. ;-)

Keep posted for a little surprise
because I appreciate YOU and you
have been a big part of my past year.
So tune in for some birthday fun! ;-)


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