Today's Guest - Lenae of Silver Sage Design Studio

Okaaaayyyyy ~ who's excited it's Friday????! Any big plans tonight??? :-)
I'm probably hanging out by the campfire!

Well, today, we're onto our second feature interview while I'm on our family trip,
and you get a big treat as I get to introduce you to


1. Can you briefly introduce yourself. Your family, what you do,
how long have you been doing this, etc.?

My name is Lenae and I have Silver Sage Design Studio in Moses Lake.
Silver Sage is a lifestyle store with a focus on design.
I believe in celebrating the beauty of all things every day.
This belief is for my business as well as my home life
with my fiancé Urban Masset and our daughter Aspyn Grace.
We are a busy family doing design,
building our dream cabin on Snoqualmie pass,
managing our rentals and working on a house filp or two.
Every day is an adventure.

2. Who is your favorite designer and why?

Picking ONE favorite designer is a hard thing to do. There are
so many talented people in this industry. But, if I have to pick just one,
I think that it would have to be Pam Pierce from Houston. Pam is not
mainstream, but I could definitely move into one of her homes
without changing a thing. Six years ago one of her projects was featured
in Verandah magazine and it remains one of my favorite homes of all
time. Pam Pierce just has something about her work that speaks to me...
The architecture always has a rustic flavor to it with stone and roughhewn beams
mixed with plastered walls. Well-worn antiques blend with silk
and sometimes a little crystal. Simply Devine!

(Lenae's home)

3. How did you come about doing what you do and what do you absolutely LOVE about it?

I’ve always had a love for all things beautiful.
Garage sale jewelry made me feel like a queen as a child. The bigger the better!
Seashells, rocks, moss and branches, I loved it all. This translates today.
Abraham Maslow quoted that a musician must make music,
an artist must paint, a poet must write,
if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself. And it is true.
It comes from the inside….Passion!
Passion flows like water making things a little more clear.
I started my first design related business at 19 doing faux painting
and that developed into opening a small shop
and then a full design business at 23.
I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing,
but went full steam ahead (by the seat of my pants)!!!
Lifestyle and design shops were not common then,
and I remember how cutting edge it seemed to carry furnishings,
accessories and jewelry with a working design studio.
This grew and evolved into what is now Silver Sage.
I feel so fortunate to have been able
to do what I love every day.

4. What are some design trends that you are loving at this moment?

There are so many beautiful design trends out there right now. I would say
my favorite has to be the Restoration hardware look.
They have done the best job accumulating a well-worn and loved feel
making it accessible to the common consumer.
And it is a welcomed change from the overdone Tuscan look. Don’t get me wrong,
Tuscan can be beautiful, but as a designer I need a
little more inspiration than a red and gold interior. Been there, done that.

(Lenae's home)

5. Who, what, where do you find inspiration from?

Nature provides the most design inspiration for me. I have always had a love
for rocks and leaves and all the colors as you see around us every day.
To take in a sunset or see the leaves turn in autumn
can take my breath away like nothing else. I constantly drive Snoqualmie pass
and find myself gazing at all the beauty
and suddenly a design scheme will unfold.
There is an honor is being asked into someone’s home
to design such a sacred space that their family shares every day.
I never take this lightly.

6. What is one design tip you think would instantly change a space?

The best design tip I can give isn’t so glamorous.
I think that cleaning and DE-cluttering can do wonders to a room.
So many women want to paint and decorate and purchase a new feel,
but really just cleaning up clutter can bring peace of mind
and make everything look a little better.

(Lenae's home)

7. Flats or Heels?

I don’t even have to think a second on this one! Oh heels most definitely!!!
I don’t even think that anyone would recognize me without 4 inch platforms on.
They are a girl’s best friend!

8. Black, Brunette, Blonde, or Red?

 Blonde…..we have more fun right???

9. What is your dream travel destination or vacation?

Traveling to France and Italy would be a dream for me.
All the history, architecture, culture and good food. I hear its phenomenal,
and I will never want to come back.

missing image

10. With the holidays around the corner, what is your fave tradition?

I come from a small family and we had no traditions other than reading
the story of Christs birth on Christmas Eve before opening gifts.
I am excited to pass this tradition down to my daughter
along with making our own. The Holidays bring out the crazy creative side of me.
I love making handmade things for both my friends and my shop.
From fresh cut green wreathes to hand painted ornaments,
my home looks like Santas workshop come November.
I need to reread my answer for #6.

missing image

11. What is a dream of yours in the next year for Silver Sage Design Studio?

I have accomplished so many things in my years of business.
People who know me know that I am driven.
There are always so many things going on in my little brain
of new projects and directions. This year I have a little girl
and my heart has really been at home.
I love my shop, but there is something to be said for a balanced life.
So my goal for both myself and for Silver Sage
is a little less business
and a little more personal time.
I would love to reach out to other mothers and women out there.
I have lived a life of valuing accomplishment. Being a type A
I live from project to project never giving myself time to breath.
This year I have seen the beauty of taking a breath.
Taking naps with my daughter and spending time in the yard.
We forget sometimes the value of being a wife, a friend and a mother.
Women truly are the center of a community, family and a home.

12. OH! And what color scheme represents your home best?

My home is done in natural colors
of mossy green, tans and touches of terracotta.
I love things muted and a little dirty looking like they are found in nature.
This year we have a few projects to finish up,
 and I am excited to evolve with the tans and grays
experimenting a little with my guest room and upstairs living room.
Oh ya, did I say in #11 I was giving myself time to breathe???
Old habits sometimes die hard!


Don't I know it!
Wow ~ thank you so much for being my guest today!!!
Aren't her designs just breath-taking? I actually
literally gasped when I saw the huge beams
surrounding the bedroom entry. LOVE!!!
I very much agree on Restoration Harware,
And I'd take a mommy play date any day. ;-)

Please take a moment to visit Silver Sage
and say "Hello"!


Pop in for a visit in person if you're in the area!

Silver Sage Home Boutique

121 3rd Ave.
Moses Lake, WA 98837
Phone: (509) 765-4049

I'm personally planning on making a girl's trip to the area
so I can snag some fun things and meet Lenae!
(Babe...if you're reading this,
I've been good and love the blingy bracelet!) ;-)

Who's with me? Yup...that's what I thought.
I'll take care of the Escalade Limo Rental. Hehe. :-)

Thanks again Lenae!!!


Have a great weekend and join me on Monday to meet
The Classic Farmhouse.

I'll have a s'more tonight by the campfire just.for.you. :-)


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