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Happy Tuesday everyone! I imagine I'm probably at that point where I really wish we were at a place with hook ups for our trailer. We're not totally roughin' it or anything, but no hook-ups over a week's time is roughin' it enough for me! Yes - I am a girly girl.  :-) We'll be making our two day trip back in a couple days (a smart choice with 3 kids and a doggy crammed in a truck for a 10 hr. drive - break it up for sanity!).

So today I introduce to you the lovely



1. Can you briefly introduce yourself. Family, interests, hobbies, etc.

My name is Geneva Sipes, I am a florist/interior designer. I have an
amazing family with loving parents and 3 fun & crazy siblings. I'm an
aunt of two great kids. In my spare time I love spending time with
friends and family, going to church, gardening, hiking, and going to
antique stores.

2.How did you come about doing what you do,
and what do you absolutely LOVE about it?
I worked at a floral and gift shop while I was in college getting my
degree in Interior Design. My passion for interior design set in at an
early age when I read the Boxcar Children.I love how the characters
made a home out of found materials. I found that the two passions of
Interior Design & Floral design blended wonderfully. What I love is
coming up with creative concepts that are unique to every individual
client. I love working with flowers and I love making events unique
and special.

3. You have various services that you offer -
can you briefly describe eachof them?
4. Is there a favorite season in which you work?
I'm sure they are all different!

I decided to answer both question in one answer. Instead of florist or
interior designer, I prefer "creative consultant". I have done a
variety of design work;  from flowers for weddings, corporate
Christmas decor, residential interior design, and banquet design. Each
season and event brings with it a unique creative element. I love it
all, I cant pick my favorite...OK, maybe I can, I LOVE Christmas!

5. Who, what, where do you find inspiration from?

Everything, I love art and nature. Rich colors and textures make me so
happy! That is why fall is one of my favorite seasons and Van Gogh is
one of my favorite artist. I love unique plants and art work. I love
art that makes you emotionally connect to the artist or the subject.

Client preference is a crucial inspiration, so picking up their
personality of my client in whatever project I'm doing is really
important.  In weddings this comes in when the client wants their big
day to represent who they are as a couple. In Interior design its
about making a sanctuary of sorts. Having a home be a place of
hospitality and comfort.

With that being said that is where an act of service becomes my
goal.My faith is the number one drive of my business, and it always
needs to be my number one inspiration.

 6. You have a passion for particular outreach opportunities.
Can you briefly highlight these and your involvement with them?
Growing up I was always blessed to be able to go on missions trips. I
have loved the opportunities I have had to serve in Kenya with
Christian Ministries in Africa. (www.christianministriesinafrica.org).
Locally I work with a great organization called CFC, its a bunch of UW
grads who meet construction needs of non profits around the world. I
am on their banquet planning committe.
(www.constructionforchange.org), and lately I have loved learning more
about the New Beginnings Home in the south end. Its a great
organization that provides care and housing for young pregnant women
and their babies. (www.newbeginningshome.org) I am really excited to
find more ways to serve, and hope my business always keeps service at
the forefront.

7. Flats or Heels?

If it was summer all the time I would live in flip flops,
but I like a little bit of both. Tennis shoes for running around
 and heels for church and special events!

8. Black, Brunette, Blonde, or Red?

On me or the opposite sex?
I am and forever will be a brunette (God willing)
In the opposite sex, I don't discriminate- Im not spoken for.

9. What is your dream travel destination or vacation?

My number one is Italy - I love art and architecture.
But going to New York during Christmas is pretty high up there.

10. With the holidays around the corner, what is your fave tradition?
Spending thanksgiving cooking and putting up Christmas decorations
while watching Home Alone and Elf with my family. But my absolute
favorite time during Christmas is midnight church on Christmas Eve.

11. What is a dream of yours in the next year for Geneva Diane Designs?
To create a business plan for a soon to be expansion.

12. OH! And I'm dying to know - fake tree or real tree and why?!
How do you plan to decorate yours this year?  :-)

Fake trees are easier to work with and give you a lot more options to design with,
but this year will bring a real family tree- still deciding on color and theme. For
my office I have a mini fake Grinch Christmas tree, My mom collects
Lennox Grinch ornaments and I love my mini grinch tree!

Wowza Geneva!!! Those are some drop dead gorgeous
arrangements and design! Wouldn't you agree?

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Geneva Sipes : Designer
Geneva Diane Designs


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I know that always makes my day!!! :-)


Up tomorrow you get to meet the amazing
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She definitely has her own special niche with furniture,
so see you tomorrow and have a GREAT day!


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