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Monday already? I hope it was a great weekend for you!
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I found Katy via Facebook through another local shop.
The Classic Farmhouse
is located at
22 A St SW, Auburn, WA 98002

1. Can you briefly introduce yourself.
Your family, what you do, how long have you been doing this, etc.?

Hello there! My name is Katy and I am the owner/operator of
the vintage home decor store called The Classic Farmhouse.
I've been at it for a little over 7 months now,
though I've been dabbling in this industry for well over 15 years.
At this point in my life I am always busy, constantly creating, slightly scattered brained,
run by coffee, but more by faith and perpetually single.
I am overly blessed with a number of family and dear friends
who are my biggest cheerleaders and support!

2. How did you come about doing what you do, and what do you absolutely LOVE about it?

I've been dabbling in this type of thing as a hobby for nearly 15 years.
I've been creating and crafting since I was born...or at least shortly after.
Having a shop now is really everything I love doing all wrapped into one! I am so blessed!!!
I love meeting new people, redecorating almost daily, finding great merchandise, refurbishing pieces,
creating things to share with my customers, I could go on and on!

3. What are some exciting aspects of having your own store? What's the biggest challenge?

I think the most exciting thing for me has been that people actually seem to like my style and the stuff I find! Of course I always knew I liked it, but it's even more exciting
when someone loves a piece as much as you do and takes it home to make it theirs.
The hardest part for me personally is staying organized.
With so much coming and going and not having a lot of space for storage
it becomes a little overwhelming at times. Also, managing my time between being in the shop,
and then going out and finding things, working on things, researching, etc can become a little tiresome.

4. What are your top three tools or products that you just can't live without?

Spray Paint - I think I may have an addiction. Ok, not really, but I have so many cans it's ridiculous.
Murphys Oil - Works like magic for hiding scuffs, scratches and wear on dark wood.
I've even been known to use it as an aging effect over flat paint as a short cut...shhhh, don't tell.
Facebook - the best form of advertising for any business!!!

5. Who, what, where do you find inspiration from?

Cute shops, big stores, blogs, magazines, conversations with creative people!
I soak it up anywhere I can get it.
Fav Magazine - Country Living, Adore Home (online)
Fav Blogs - Miss Mustard Seed & Design Sponge
Fav Store - Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware, Layla Grace

6. What is the story behind the name The Classic Farmhouse?

This was a tough one for me.
I threw around a lot of names, but nothing seemed to fit
until somehow the Classic Farmhouse evolved.
I am very eclectic in my styling.
I like to mix old and new, formal and casual,
bold and neutral, practical and pretty for a unique look.
I imagine a true farmhouse of old
with Grandmas antique rocker in the corner,
galvanized wash tub, primitive cabinet in the corner,
quilt on the bedside, large rustic table in the kitchen...
throw in a couple updated wingback chairs,
some bold throw pillows,
a black hutch full of white ironstone and a chandelier or two
and you have yourself a Classic Farmhouse.

7. Flats or Heels?

LOVE heels, have some really adorbale ones!!!
I think my heels have been missing me though
as my job is more condusive to flats.
Can't really show up to dig through a barn in 3" heels now can I?

8. Black, Brunette, Blonde, or Red?

Red since birth and probably til the day I die!!!

9. What is your dream travel destination or vacation?

Stick me in a little cottage somewhere near the water
and not far from a flea market and I'm a happy girl.
Seriously though I would love to venture to Paris someday.
Ok even more seriously...what is vacation?

10. With the holidays around the corner, what is your fave tradition?

We never had many traditions growing up,
every year seemed a little different.
I think my favorite part though
(and this will come as no suprise) is the decorating!
It's normally done with family around, so it's a tradition I guess in a way.

11. What is a dream of yours in the next year for The Classic Farmhouse?

Well I would love to still be open and going strong!
Ok kind of teasing, but really
I think it would be fun to have another location somewhere...
maybe unrealistic, especially at this point, but a girl can dream right?
I'm always dreaming about new aspects...guess we'll just have to wait and see ;0)

12. OH! Do you get to go to Ruffles & Rust A Vintage Market this year?
If so, I'm officially jealous. :-)

No plans to yet but would love to!!! I'm jealous of anyone going too ;0)

Oh my goodness! I got to choose picts. and I had such a hard time picking. A few more highlights:


Thanks so much for being my guest today Katy!
I'm totally with you on the spray paint, and I think it's safe to say
I'd go broke if I was able to buy everything I loved in your store! :-)

You can connect with Katy on Facebook, Blogland, & Etsy!

Pop on over and say "Hi"!

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See you tomorrow!


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