Well. Now that I'm back and officially done with all of the laundry and cleaning, we ended up doing a little bit of rearranging between our living rooms. Unfortunately with rough times and our other house not selling we needed some extra money for property tax. Boo. Keeping it real on this end. :-( 

Anyway, we decided to go ahead with selling our nice leather sectional since it's been on my mind lately to open up our family room.

We started with this

Oh...that angled wall.... :-/

Sold the couch for what we bought it for two years ago
off of Craigslist. :-)

And now have this

You may remember me talking about selling
our other couch from our reading room here.
So with that in mind, we used our couches for 2 years,
sold them and made $400,
and bought the couch above for $100.
I'm feeling pretty good about that -
even though I have to use the cash for property taxes
and not for funner things.
It brings out the creativity, right???

As for the family room, we kept these Barcaloungers

SO COMFY!!! They just take up A LOT of space!

It's not "done", but what do you think initially?
I love having a rug there, which we didn't before,
and I love how open it feels.

We're planning to put move the tv to the wall,
add a media center, etc.

On another note, I somehow got around to building this today!

It's like CRAZY long!!!  Almost 95" for our entryway wall.
I'm planning to stain it a dark walnut or jacobean
and paint the boxes black or something.
They are from a toy box set!
Be on the look out for the finished picture. :-)

I hope you are having a great week!


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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i am so impressed, anneke! i need to learn to build!

craftedniche said...

Love your new bench! Is it from AnaWhite's Spa Bench plans? If so, I built the smaller scale a few months ago. Great work!

Dana @ craftedniche.wordpress.com

Anneke {RustiChic} said...

Yes! These are from Ana White's Spa Bench plan - basically 3 in 1! I'm also thinking wicker baskets now. Thank you! @Cassie - you can do it!

Kathy said...

Property taxes! We're dealing with them here! Not fun at the end of the year - I like your new couch - the new arrangement does open up the room. You're very creative - looking forward to the finished look to your nice - long bench!
God Bless,

Jessie said...

The long bench looks awesome! Looking forward to see the finished product.

Happy weekend!


Shannon@FoxHollowCottage said...

I feel your pain. We bought a new house before our's sold... then the market crashed. Not fun :( Hard lesson learned, won't be pulling that little trick again.
Glad you were able to get the property tax funds together.
The room is looking great and WOW, nice build =)

Good luck on the house selling =)