Phew! What a Week!!!

Wow - it's been a crazy week. But actually for me I'm feeling super crazy from pre-scheduling the past 12 posts & getting ready for camping, PLUS all the normal stuff in about 4 days time.  :-) And no, I didn't get much sleep! Lol. BUT.....the temporary sacrifice was well worth it for you to meet all of these wonderful ladies this past week and a half!!!  Let's recap, shall we? I'm going to make this lickity split!

If you didn't get to meet any of these ladies, please check out the past week's posts!

Melanie from Rustic Ruffles
Steph of Bliss Mayberry

Thanks again ladies!

Seriously...if there were any weird things in my posts this past week and a half that I didn't catch in editing, I sooo apologize. I'm usually an editing Nazi, but craziness has a way of getting at the best of our traits. We're getting home this weekend and I'll be getting back to your comments as soon as I'm able - talk about laundry people.  Oiy!

Just a little snip here of a quick spray paint update
I did before we left for our trip.

(free from a couch purchase, but in bad shape)

Rustoleum's Painter's Touch in Satin Oregano

Hopefully I've learned some new camera skills over my trip!

Pray for us to have a safe trip home please!!!


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Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

Here's to a safe trip and an excellent weekend!!! (c;