Beautiful French Hutch "Carrie"

Sorry people...this one's already gone. ;-)

I've named this french hutch after her new owner
"Carrie". :-)
She snatched it up before I painted it,
and is even the sweet owner of the
the Farmhouse Table I just finished up!
Dare I say she's a lucky girl?!


First of all, I'm super bummed that these picts.
had to be taken in the garage, but she was getting picked up!

I used:
ASCP Old White exterior with ASCP Clear Wax.
ASCP Paris Gray interior with Johnson's Paste Wax.

Light distressing. ;-)

Carrie wanted chicken wire SO bad,
and thanks to my
super duper ah-MAZ-ing hubby,
Ta-Da! :-D

It's all glass with chicken wire
behind the side glass pieces.

This picture shows the distressing much better.
I had to get some PINK in there too! Lol

The lower cabinet "drawers" are actually a door!
Cool, huh?




Furniture Feature Fridays


My Favorite Find - The Latest Website!

How many times have you been traveling somewhere, really anywhere in the entire world
and wondered where you could find some great local shops, antiques shows,
events, flea markets and so on?
Ok...so maybe just across town, but you know???

WHERE in the world ARE all of those super cool places?!!!

Not the kind you find in tourist brochures...the ones the locals go to.
If you've ever been in this position, you may have found
it's harder than you think to figure it all out!

This is why I was SO excited and thankful
to see a fantastic new website called

If you love Pinterest, you'll find this site SUPER easy to use, FUN,
and a fantastic tool for finding and sharing what would otherwise
be a mystery to so many hopeful people.

From the website:

"My Favorite Find lets you seek, find, and share great local Shoppes and Events such as antiques shows, vintage fairs, flea markets, car boot sales, yard sales, auctions, estate sales, crafts shows and more - anywhere in the world.

Once you find what you love, you can share it all here, like a virtual show-and-tell. The world is full of beautiful Shoppes and Events. Our goal is to help you find them, and then celebrate what you found."

Following here I am sharing the founder's story from the website.
None other than Serena, who began The Farm Chicks Show in 2002.
Can you believe I get to attend my first one this year?!!!
Yeah, I know...I'm a newbie. ;-)
I'm even an authentic born and raised Washingtonian! Lol

Ok...here's a little background from Serena on My Favorite Find:



I started The Farm Chicks Show in 2002 as a stay-at-home mom with no experience and nothing more than a big dream. Years later, the show is known the world over, and I'm now a contributing editor for Country Living Magazine - one of the biggest shelter magazines in the world. All because of that first little sale in my friend's barn.

Over the years, because of the success of the show and exposure from the magazine, I've received a lot of mail, much from people wanting to start their own show, create their own event, promote their shoppe, or from shoppers wanting to know where they could go to find the things they were seeking.

I was surprised to find there was no ONE great source for this, so I decided it was time to create one myself, to connect everyone together. And that's just what I did. I consider it a new global frontier: My Favorite Find.

But I didn't want to stop there, because there's nothing better than the feeling of a great find, and being able to share your excitement with other enthusiasts. Sort of like a virtual show and tell.

Here, you can search for or promote great events, sales, shows, and shoppes anywhere in the world, or simply share your favorite finds.

My Favorite Find is intended for anyone who wants to share their finds, and to celebrate and promote locally owned and operated shoppes, shows, sales and events - NOT big box stores or chains.

After achieving my homegrown success and giant network of enthusiasts, my goal is to make it available to all.

Seek it - Find it - Share it! on My Favorite Find. It's about time!

~ Serena     


Sounds AWESOME, right?!!!
Hop on over now to check it out and sign up
to find great things or even add your shop!

Have a great day!


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Just wanted all my blog followers and e.mail subcribers to be aware that I am placing everything on SALE to make room for some custom orders coming up here!!! Check out available pieces and prices on the Facebook page! And then contact me for arrangements! :-)

Have an AWESOME weekend!!!



Antionette Pink Stanley Dresser

I'm SO excited! (do I always say that?)
This dresser is SOOOO pretty!!!
This was the dresser that I found on
Craiglist that I imagined to be a fun coral color.
Like a lot of the pieces I do...that.changed.  ;-)
I snatched up some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in
the new color "Antionette".

And here is....


When I saw this for sale, I instantly pictured it in a little girl's room!
It, of course, could have other applications - just sayn'. ;-)

This is a picture without the middle door on.
(I kind of like it like that!)

A view of the top that was "washed" in ASCP Paris Gray.

Here is an idea of the color next to our white couch cushion!

Here is the color swatch on AnnieSloan.com
The color is a bit closer to this pink.

Dimensions are: 64" wide x 19" deep x 32" tall

$340 cash
 Contact me for arrangements.


Here is the before:

I always love a fun after!!! :-D

The piece was finished as follows:

~ASCP Antionette (not distressed)
~Annie Sloan Clear Wax
~Original Hardware spray painted in Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze
~The top and interior drawers were sanded,
then "washed" with ASCP Paris Gray
and sealed with Annie Sloan Clear Wax

I hope you are having a great week! I myself am
super sore from working out getting ready for summer ~
anyone feel my pain??? ;-)

See you again soon!



Furniture Feature Fridays



Distressed French Blue Twin Bed

I couldn't believe I contacted the person
selling this bed and they were literally across the busy
highway next to our house - the equivalent of two doors down.
Hard to beat that! ;-)

It's actually a very old bed that needed a lot of repair.
It's not perfect, but I think it turned out quite pretty.
It's these kind of pieces that make my girls go crazy!
Lol - they're like me just wanting to keep every piece. ;-)

I finished this piece in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
Duck Egg Blue/Old White mix and
sealed it with Polycrylic.

It needed to be glued, clamped, decals were falling off, oiy!
It also did not come with siderails so I ordered up some
new hardware (which fits PERFECT~yay!) and
made up some painted wood siderails to match.
It also has one brand new wheel since one was missing.

I have never seen another bed like this, and
I am SO thrilled with all of the beautiful
details on the headboard and footboard!

LOOK at the LEGS on this beauty!!!

The inside of the footboard is refinished as well.

And the BEFORE:


Fit for a pretty little princess I believe! :-)

$275 cash

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On a side note...some of you have inquired about "my" music.
Hmmm??? You all know I have a degree in Music Ministry, right?
Well...now you do! Haha!
I don't write many songs or have an album or anything,
but I'd be willing to record a little something
to share with you. I do it every week anyway! ;-)
Am I setting myself up for embarrassment and scrutiny?
Do you really want me to do that???

Love ya guys!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!!!