The French Hutch BEFORE

I was pretty excited to find this on my latest Craigslist hunting adventure....what do think?  Black, creamy white, a shabby blue??? The after is soon to come!



Fire Gals Spa Bench Project Day!

Today was definitely a fun-filled day with some wonderful ladies! I'd planned this day almost two months ago and waved good-bye to my husband and three little kids with a blissful smile, knowing that the day (like the entire day!) was going to be spent with some amazing girlfriends, some good food, and the smell of freshly cut wood.

So...the idea came to me awhile ago.....

I don't scrap book, I don't sew (yet - even though I have a "brand new 6 year old" sewing machine), BUT I can build. And thanks to Ana White and her generosity, I can't tell you how empowering it is to be able to build something - exactly what you need, and have an amazing piece of furniture you can actually afford. This is what I wanted to pass along to my friends...because I think that we are all capable of much more than we can sometimes imagine for ourselves.

So....here they are! Ready with their boards to make an amazing Spa Bench!

We got right to work cutting....



Nailing (personally, my favorite tool!)

Didn't she do a GREAT job?!

Having some fun...

These girls mean business!

  ....oh, and she's staining this in Minwax Water-based Honeydew. Those knots are going to look gorgeous!

Ready to stain.....

We had so much fun talking (and talking, and talking...), so we didn't get to staining all together, but seriously

LOOK at their benches! They look GREAT!!!

I'm pretty proud of them and can't wait to see how they look after they are complete with their stains.  Nice work ladies and thanks for the fun day!


         ......after they took off (since I was the "teacher" and "helping") I was seriously itching to build something myself...just a quick little something. Being from Seattle, that kind of reminds me of a shot of coffee. :-)

Anyway, I took some of their scraps, a couple of boards, and a super cute pull and put this together (fyi - it's a false drawer).

It's not completely done, but I think it's kind of cute. What do you think?

~Anneke :-)


Sale Sale Sale

Just wanted to get my latest work up here. FYI...I love what I do!

I currently have the following items up for grabs. Local sales. Cash only. Check back often for new pieces! I also accept custom builds and refinishes. Contact me for details if you are interested!

The Chalkboard Top Side/Kid's Table & Non-Chalk Top Table - SOLD 4/18/2011

Asking $90 cash each
(Sorry, chairs not for sale)

The Full Size Rustic Headboard (from Ana White plans found here)

Asking $200 cash

The Pink Shabby Bench and Black Rustic Bench (from Ana White plans found here)
*Pink bench up for auction in May*

Asking $90 each cash

The Shabby Blue Coffee/Kid's Table

Asking $80 cash

Thank you for looking and enjoy the weekend!



The "Official" Painted Pink Chair - SO worth trying

So I think I finally have it a bit together to post an official before and after of The Painted Pink Chair.

Here is the before... (I'm not sure what the poor guy would do if he knew I was converting his beloved chair into a pink chic work of art)  :-)

And, the AFTER......

Nice legs, huh?

And this is what made it all worth it.....

Daddy taking his princess to the PNB Ballet!

Don't tell her...but this chair is actually up for sale. It's not "perfect", but definitely makes a statement!
Price is $140. Let me know if you are interested!


Hooray! Hooray! They're on their way!

Had fun designing these little guys (business cards that is)....I hope they come in handy here very soon and just make life a bit easier and more streamlined.  :-)

The Painted Pink Chair!

Ok, ok...I just can't wait. It's not totally done (just some final sanding to reduce shininess and create softness), but here is a sneak peak of "The Pink Chair", inspired by Kristy from Hyphen Interiors.
You'll have to wait for before pictures, but just imagine....brown speckly wood frame with dark olive green velvety fabric. Ok, the first coat.....

the second coat.....

the final coat....



("Official" pict. to come....I just really couldn't wait!)

NEW: Look HERE for the officially done picts.


The Queen Size Poster Bed

This was by far my best craigslist sale EVER.....1st post, 1st inquiry one day after posting, no questions, no bartering, and the hubby picks it up the next day. My friends...this is craigslist bliss! :-) And I think my hubby could certatinly get used to that hourly rate! This bed was screaming with potential....so here it is. Everyone likes before and afters, right? Of course!

The before.....such pretty lines, and then......

I LOVE how it turned out! In the mean time, I will be enlisting my amazing photographer sister @http://www.kaylajphoto.com/ to give me a few lessons. I am also super excited to be in the last stages of finishing an old stereo console I've been working on.....I honestly like it so much, I'm semi-secretly hoping I'll get to keep it on display for awhile.

The before pictures.....

 Just look at all the potential!

The poor guy didn't have a clue why I was freaking out over this old thing...just wait until you see the after and you'll know why!  :-)