Weekend Pinterest Highlights!

I think ever since I started blogging, I just really look forward to Mondays -
it means more sharing of all the amazingness out there,
and a little bit of what I do too I guess. :-)
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!
Mine was - well - crazy normal.

Me and my Riley Ratowski - he turned 9 this weekend! :-)


Ok - onto today's Pinterest highlights!
Seriously, if you haven't joined Pinterest, you should - it is ridiculously GREAT!
It's the organizational epitome of all the ideas bouncing around in my head.
I can just think better and more clearly,
not worrying about "storing" these all wonderful thoughts.
Especially since my 3 children already take a 1/4 of my brain capacity each -
and then, yes.....I'm married. :-D

1. Sliding barn doors to cover the tv.
I love the simplicity of it.

Pinned Image

2. This feels very much like my day-to-day....ev-ery-day.....24.hours.a.day.
But I LOVE my 2 year old's spunkiness and determination!
Some of you know the reality of this sign quite well.

Pinned Image

3. Is this not the most simple, gorgeous dress? *sighhh*
Totally my style - love it.

Simple and gorgeous. Love it.

4. Now why didn't I think of that?!
We're always trying to make cool things with pancake mix -
grab a bottle and decorate!

Pancake doodles

5. Besides loving absolutely everything about this picture,
I'm suddenly intrigued by the possibility of how beams
would entirely change the look of our master bedroom.
Hmmm....do you think the hubby will go for it? ;-)

Pinned Image

What are some things you found inspiring this weekend?
If you'd like to see some more of my inspiration,
follow me on Pinterest!

~Have a great Monday~

Anneke :-)

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Marci said...

I'm excited to follow you on pinterest now. I like your style. Thanks for the link.