An Interesting Chair Re-do, a Sneak Peak, and YOUR Opinion!

First of all -Woah! Welcome to all of my new e.mail subscribers!
Where did you all come from?!!! Thanks for joining us. :-)

Seriously, right now I'm so crazy busy getting ready for our camping trip and setting up all of these amazing Feature Interviews, but boy am I excited - for BOTH! You're in for a treat my friends.

As for projects, awhile back my aunt had this super old, kind of weird, rustic chair. She was like, "Do you want it???" Sure, why not?

The Before:

The After

It's pretty different for me, but I just tried to go with it.
I've really been wanting to do something bright,
and this could have gone many different ways.

Remember my poll on Facebook?
I chose a Navy Blue color to paint dropcloth material for the seat.


It kind of reminds me of a giraffe - a cute one. :-)

I think it's a bit rough - my upholstery skills definitely need some polishing.
The frame is this rough wood with arms and legs attached.
It's weird, and funky, and maybe something fun for you!

Let me know if you're interested!
I'll give you a great deal. ;-)

On another note:

Remember this guy WAY back when???


Here's a sneak peak of the after - sooo close to being done.

The best is yet to come!

Oh yes, and another quick opinion. Pretty, pretty please. :-)

Which one do you like better and why?
The white is a painted (yet to be distressed) version of the left.

I personally love that I can use it as a vase or candle holder.


Here's to a wonderful day! :-)


1 comment:

Restoration Chic said...

Very fun! You may have already observed that I LOVE bright colours! I have a shop in a space that has many vendors doing distressed/shabby chic furniture which I also adore completely, but I branched into bright colours just to stand out a little. So fun! And I love your painted drop cloth!!