Fun Finds and Then Some...

What a week. I hope it was great for you, but if not - here's to the weekend!

I have a bit of a mix for you today -
starting with some Fun Finds from none other than Ross. Oh yeah.

Some cute mosaic tables. Love the green!


A candidate for diy lamps - it lost. But still love it!


This pict. does this no justice. It's so neat in person. :-)


LOVE these - every time I see them!
Definitely on the splurge list for me (even at Ross).


These just remind me of fun, glamour, and Christmas.


These benches were $60 each. Not so "rustic", but I love them. :-)


These were at Fred Meyer.

I love the dark iron lids and base.

I would definitely use these in my home! wink.wink. ;-)


Now......see this cute kid??? He's two.

He likes to do stuff like this -

AHHHHH!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!
(For those wondering, that's actually Latex Primer
with a touch of ASCP Graphite - that doesn't wipe off as easily.)

But then I remember this.....

He's totally into this copying stage,
so of course he wants to try all this fun stuff mommy is doing!
I should feel complimented, right?
It's an easy fix. :-)


Last we have a little sneak peak of the hutch in process.....

I am SO excited for the big reveal.

Between catching this last bit of nice weather
for last minute "summer" house projects
(i.e. staining shingles, sealing concrete - hmmm....sounds like furniture stuff!) -

I'm shooting for early next week to share this hutch with you!

Have a fantastic weekend!!!


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