Oh Craigslist....how I loooove YOU!

Yeah....I'll cut to the chase. It was a great weekend in the realm of craigslist sales.  Awhile back I mentioned that I wanted to re-design our front "formal" room - but what we call our "reading" room - to make it more laid back and provide more seating for parties, which we do often. :-)  Here was the plan:

Well...the rule is you have to sell what you have and work with that amount of money before you buy. And then we're not storing unused personal furniture (just furniture to refinish for you).  Another rule (and I swear I will get a craigslist buying/selling series together here soon!) is that I don't buy anything I can't resell for close to what I paid - and even better, for a profit. I don't do that just because....but it's nice when I've basically used something for free for a couple years, and then I make a little on the side when I am done with it. This weekend was a great example. The selling began...starting with this guy -

So I haven't seen many people ever mention numbers on their sites, but I'm just going to throw it all out there in my ignorance excitement! :-)  We've been in our home for two years this September. Can you imagine how gung-ho I went to decorate our home when we first moved? I sold ALL of our hand me down modge podge furniture (nice stuff - just not 'us'), and started fresh.  Well...two years later, we've learned a little more.  It's good to sell every few years anyway because your items are (or hopefully would be) in great shape still. Another rule there...taking notes???

The couch above was a 3 year old custom Ethan Allen reproduction based on a couch staged in a Street of Dreams home, originally $3500. GREAT quality couch that I negotiated WAY down to $500. I still can't believe it. The poor guy selling it made us feel like we should give him visitation rights before we chucked it gently placed into the back of our truck and waved good bye. We've had it for two years - I just sold it for $900. Um...thank you!

Next...and apologizing for side-ways-ness - no time for trouble shooting at the moment. :-/

image 0

This was a 2 year old coffee table that was originally $500. Nice beveled glass and thick frame. I bought it for $125. I just sold it for $175. Um...thank you twice. :-)

So now I get to move onto decorating! And I will definitely be sharing when it's all done....or maybe I'll just have a party!

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Here's to a GREAT week!
(And that's me telling myself, because my oldest is
starting kindergarten this week - anyone know a good quality water-proof mascara?)



Jessie said...

Wow! I don't think I know that many people who can sell their furniture for a higher price that what they paid for initially! What a smart lady! :)

The pillows you picked for your redesign look fabulous, by the way!

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Don't miss it. Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by today!


Jessie said...
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Hyphen Interiors said...

That is pretty much my same philosophy. Sometimes people wonder how I re-decorate a room. I sell stuff. Then, buy stuff. I try not to buy new too often...

Hyphen Interiors said...

And, congrats on the great sales!