Quick Tip Tuesday #5

I can't believe I actually wrote this post, it didn't save, I lost it all, and now it.is.late = I.am.tired. So....

When you would like to paint, stain, or glaze an item and have a small piece of hardware or whatnot that is difficult to remove or tape over, cover the area you do NOT want painted with petroleum jelly and it will wipe off as soon as your paint, stain, glaze, or whatever is dry.


Just this week I used this technique on those tiny circles
 toward the outside of this French Writing Desk. It is where
the clips secure the front panel to the drawer box.
They were not comin' off!
Using petroleum jelly in this situation
definitely saved me some time and sanity.

I hope this helps you whether it's furniture, decor, etc.
Let me know if you use this technique!

Here's to a great day!


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Restoration Chic said...

Thanks for taking the time to post this even through bleary eyes!! I saw this tip on HGTV but I had forgotten it! Thanks!!