And The Winner Is......



Brooke Lundquist!!!


Yeah!!! I'm SO excited for you!

You won the $50 Gift Certificate

to Kayla J Photography!


Here is what Brooke had to say (so sweet):


"You and your sis definitely have the creative genes! LOVE all of your work and Kayla is so talented too! I love how she is so natural with kids and can make even the youngest ones smile! You girls rock! :)"


Thank you Brooke and CONGRATULATIONS!

Kayla will be contacting you shortly to claim your certificate.



Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway -

we were SO close to adding those extra certificates

(maybe on the next one???)

Thank you for sharing and for all of your nice comments!



Have a GREAT day!







Just for technical purposes, I am posting the following information.

I compiled a list of all the eligible entries received (57 total!)
and entered them into random.org's list randomizer.

I then clicked the randomize button once.

I entered 1 to 57 into random.org's True Random Number Generator
and clicked the generate button once.

Number 37 was the result and Brooke is the Winner - Congrats!

The following results were copied and pasted from random.org's website.

List Randomizer

There were 57 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
    1. Malia Yoder
    2. Annette Gaeth-Wooley
    3. Liz Davidson
    4. Jenn (L. Creations)
    5. Kathy Lagerstedt Liebman
    6. Lesa Lynn Cowley
    7. Carrie Meredith
    8. Jenni Stearns
    9. Heidi
    10. Kathy Lagerstedt Liebman
    11. Bethany Canada
    12. Heidi Gaeth Vanduine
    13. Lesa Lynn Cowley
    14. Kathy Lagerstedt Liebman
    15. Heather Glanville Fontenette
    16. Jamie
    17. Jenni Stearns
    18. Lesa Lynn Cowley
    19. Annette Gaeth-Wooley
    20. Neil Cowley
    21. Neil Cowley
    22. Jennifer Root Liebman
    23. Heidi Gaeth Vanduine
    24. Bethany Canada
    25. Jenn (L. Creations)
    26. Jessie (MixandChic)
    27. Brooke Lundquist
    28. Jenni Stearns
    29. Jenn (L. Creations)
    30. Neil Cowley
    31. Heather Glanville Fontenette
    32. Kristy (Hyphen Interiors)
    33. Kathy Lagerstedt Liebman
    34. Lesa Lynn Cowley
    35. Heidi Gaeth Vanduine
    36. Kristy (Hyphen Interiors)
    37. Brooke Lundquist
    38. Malia Yoder
    39. Jessie (MixandChic)
    40. Heidi Gaeth Vanduine
    41. Heather Glanville Fontenette
    42. Liz Davidson
    43. Bethany Canada
    44. Jessica (paintinmyhair)
    45. Malia Yoder
    46. Heidi Gaeth Vanduine
    47. Stephanie Diaz
    48. Jamie
    49. Neil Cowley
    50. Jenn (L. Creations)
    51. Jenni Stearns
    52. Carrie Meredith
    53. Brooke Lundquist
    54. Lesa Lynn Cowley
    55. Annette Gaeth-Wooley
    56. Jennifer Root Liebman
    57. Bethany Canada
    Timestamp: 2011-09-15 06:12:36 UTC True Random Number Generator 37 Powered by RANDOM.ORG
Timestamp: 2011-09-15 06:12:36 UTC

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