Quick Tip Tuesday #3 - Craigslist Selling

I've met A LOT of GREAT people through my interactions on craigslist - both buying and selling. Yet you hear of scary news stories about people who fall victim to predators who use craigslist as a means to get into people's homes.  This is constantly on my mind as people come to my house to purchase either a personal item or RustiChic piece.  There are MANY rules and steps I personally follow to ensure safety.

One of my more recent tactics that I am sharing with you today takes a little personal discernment...you'll see what I mean.  My husband and I have been incredibly blessed, and while we sell a lot of things, we also give away a lot of things and remember always - that they are just things.

It can take quite a bit of coordinating with other people on Craigslist to pick up an item you have for sale, so lately, we have gone the route of taking a relatively low cost item (for us under $80 - that's your personal descision), and just leaving it here (um, that's just A door, not MY door, btw) and putting the money under the door mat:

<b>Cherry front door</b>

This is what I've learned in practicing this rule:

1. You make no contact and increase safety - you either don't go to the door or you're not home.

2. I have yet to have someone not leave the money and steal the item (this may vary in your neighborhood) - someone actually paid me $7 MORE because they couldn't remember the asking price, $20 or $25. They said they left $22, but they actually left $27! Thanks!!!

3. You don't have to haggle in person - work out your price before pick-up.

4. You don't have to reaarange your life - leave a party early, have your child woken up, or dinner left on the table, because so and so picking up the thing is here a bit later or earlier than they were supposed to be. Can you tell I've utilized CL for awhile now?

5. On that note, it saves time.  Instead of, "What about this day, this time....???" and then waiting, waiting, waiting. It's "Perfect, I can just leave it on our front door step and you can leave the money under that mat. You can stop by anytime between _:__ and _:__. We'll be in and out all day. Give me a call if you have any trouble finding the address." And I almost always say "address"...not "house". Sometimes it's the little things.

5. We live up on a high hill with close neighbors, but not CLOSE neighbors. If you try this method, make sure you don't have a neighbor kid (or adult heaven forbid!) spying on these "transactions" and taking advantage of you.

6. Our attitude is "If they take without paying, they take it", and move on.  It's just stuff...we'll be ok. I'd feel sad for them and their bad choice, but again, so far we've met (and not met) GREAT people! :-)

I hope you find this helpful! Maybe it's something you'll try,
maybe not, but it's been a great time saver for our family,
and it helps increase revenue while decluttering our revamping our home.


I'm hoping to finish up and post
the Drexel Heritage Vanity and a Round Dining Table
by the end of the week.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed,
but I'm pretty preoocupied with kindergarten starting
and Annabelle's 6th birthday! Yeah!!!

Best of luck "Craigslisting"!



driftwoodesign said...

Fabulous advise!!!! We have steps and precautions we stick to as well dealing with Craig's list.
Thank you for sharing this with others.
Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

Hyphen Interiors said...

I may just try that for low priced items. I'm a huge Craigslister. I have sold more things than I can count on there and bought probably six or eight things. Never a single problem other than maybe a no-show.