Quick Tip Tuesday #4

So you'll soon see a trend that I like Craigslist, and it just so happens it is the one thing I get the most questions about. You may have a different method of buying used, but most of these tips apply to all avenues of buying and selling.

Today's tip is:


You may think I'm joking, but I was just talking to a friend about this just this weekend.  Craigslist doesn't spell check for you! And you can snag some AMAZING deals when ads are listed with incorrect spellings. WHY? Because nobody can find them. Sometimes I just want to help them out and say,
"Hey, you need to change 'this' word to 'that',
and then people could probably find your ad
and you can sell your item."

Ahem....the same goes for when listing your own products. In fact, occasionally I will put some misspelled key words at the bottom of my ad so that people who are actually LOOKING for items (and type in inccorect spellings) will find mine - sometimes. ;-)

Here are some very common misspellings:
(mind you, I often look for furniture, but the same goes for other categories)

*Chaise = Chez = Chase = Shaize = whatever else you can phonetically dream up.

Try it - you may be surprised.

*Separate = Seperate
*Jewelry = Jewlery
*System = Sistem (seriously)
*Beautiful = Beutiful = Beutifull = Butifull (yeah, I know)
*Vintage = Vintege = Vintige
*Piece = Peice (the whole "i" before "e" thing)
*Great = Grate
*Sleigh = Slay
*Pedestal = Pedastal
*Picnic = Picnick
*Anything ending in er, or, ar can be confused for the other
*Anything ending in ible or able (example: collectible vs. collectable)

If you are doing a search, just think outside the box for a minute and ask yourself whether or not someone else might spell a particular word differently. You may get no hits at all, but -

It might help you snag that great find and save you a ton of money!
(fyi-misspelled words and poor foreign grammar usually mean scam-
always use safety precautions)

I hope this has been helpful to you today!
Have you ever found some great used item using this search technique?

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Restoration Chic said...

I once saw on Craigslist someone trying to list something as "shabby chic" and they called it "shavy sheek." Yep. SEVERAL times in their ad - it wasn't just one little typo...

Anneke {RustiChic} said...

Oh no! I've also seen ads where the item they are describing looks nothing like the style they say, such as shabby chic, classic, french, even color descriptions, etc.

Anne said...

this is so funny - but i would have never thought about doing this. great idea :)