A Wedding Weekend!!!

So I've been busy, busy, busy with wedding preparations for my beautiful sister, and now that it's come and gone I want to tell you all about it! Especially because she had SO many great ideas! These are just a few pictures, most of them from the rehearsal and a couple from the wedding.  I'll get to share more as I get some professional photos. All I can say is...STUNNING!!!

This was not completely decorated in this photo,
but in the end it turned out beautifully for an aisle.  The venue was fantaastic!

The kids swinging on the HUGE swing. SO fun!
(As seen on my son's face)

Me and the other Bridesmaids the night of the Rehearsal.

Auntie being silly with my oldest daughter. :-)

Me and my daughters getting ready to "practice". 


My bouquet for the wedding. Doesn't it look gorgeous?! Thank you Geneva!!!

This was my sister's hanger for her wedding dress.
She just hot glued the pearl decal to the hanger.

Here are ours...I.LOVED.THEM.  I want to do this for my entire closet! :-)

Super YUMMY dessert table!
Underneath those treats is a table I get to refinish - YEAH!!! :-)

A LOT of dancing....it was fun to see the gals who know how to line dance
doing all the same steps together.

And of course....the beautiful bride! Love you sister!!!

This is just a glimpse into my wedding weekend.
More to come this week -  keeping on track for Quick Tip Tuesday,
a pom-pom ball tutorial, some pictures of the cute (and well designed) house
we stayed in the night before the wedding, and some belated bridal shower pictures!

Happy Monday!


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