Need Some Design Ideas PLEASE :-)

So I've been "struggling" over our family/tv room, well, literally since the design stage of building our house. We've recently been talking about liquidating our couch, because the kids are going to destroy it, and I'm increasingly big on refurnishing from what you have every few years. But what to do instead???

We built our home with an open concept...kitchen, dining, family room all in one. LOVE it!

No....I didn't "clean" for picts. :-/ That's for afters, right? :-)

I'm open to everything except demoing...paint, furniture, I'd love to move the tv to the large wall, but what to put above the fireplace???, and then there's this wall....

This weird, angled, but necessary wall, that's bugged me since design stage.

That angled wall, with the large "focal" wall  where I'd like to put the tv (the wall and ceiling have specifically been wired for surround which we currently do not have), and the angled fireplace all have me slightly stumped. And don't mind that bench; it is temporary from the bridal shower! For reference, that art plaque thing is 47" x 47"!

So your ideas, PLEASE!!!  I am asking for any colors, textures, furniture, arrangement, fireplace, decor, whatever...I will listen to it ALL.

The other opening goes to the "formal" space, closet under the stairs, and out to the garage....

Here is a close up of the fireplace....

And currently, ahem, "working", on the dining space, but here it is looking back from the wall.....

I'd love for it to feel more inviting and open, but still cozy. I'm not a big fan of microfiber couches (no offense!). I love the idea of a sleeper couch and the hubby needs some sort of recliner. We always had movie nights and slept out downstairs on the sleeper couch growing up. Fun memories. :-)

So...either here on blog or facebook, please share!

Thanks and have a great weekend,



Jessie said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway! As for ideas and suggestions, I am thinking we can start with a warm paint color since you wanted warm and cozy. I think we can start with the paint color. I am just going to pick Behr paint because it's my favorite paint. It's thick and coats evenly. I will suggest a neutral Rainforest Dew (390E)
Here's the link:


You can pick any brand, similar in color. For the fireplace, I would suggest a mirror or a painting, then flanked something tall on both sides. (think candlesticks, vases, etc)As for the feature wall, you can replace your current wall art with your tv. Ground your tv with a beautiful console table/ chest/ entertainment unit. Add two bookshelves/ built-ins on either side of the tv. If you decided to change your sofa, I recommend getting one in a lighter color so the area look brighter and more spacious. Let me know what you think. Hope it helps!

If you are interested to have an E-design consultation, please email me at mixandchic (at)yahoo(dot)com.

Have a great weekend!


Hyphen Interiors said...

Just some thoughts as I don't know measurements of anything, etc. Perhaps stencil that entire wall to the right of the fireplace. Leave the art. Angle the sofa (a lighter sofa) at the same angle as the fireplace. Add a chair on each side of the sofa facing inwards towards a coffee table. Put a mirrored armoire on the angled wall. Then, paint the wall to the left of the fireplace the stencil background color.

Anneke said...

Thank you for your great ideas! I can't wait to get it all put together. First I need to get that sectional sold! :-) Sorry for no measurements...I know that makes it more difficult. But I live the ideas!