Pallet Decor Boxes

So I recently threw a bridal shower for my lovely sister,
in which a large number of fun and easy do-it-yourself projects took place.
Today I'd like to share the Pallet Boxes I made to display flowers at the shower.

This one was longer with chicken wire wrapped around it.

I made two of these shorter crates with bigger boards.

Let me tell ya...those boards were such a pain to rip off of the pallet...I actually couldn't even rip them off, so I grabbed the circular saw and just sawed them off. I swear my neighbors think I'm crazy....tugging and pulling, flipping the pallet over and finding all kinds of tools trying to pry this thing apart.  If I had been on it taking pictures to blog about it, then they'd really start to wonder.  I just needed the hubby home to take care of it in like 2 seconds. ;-)  But I conquered!

-Anyway, some basic directions-

1. Find a free pallet. Ours had been sitting outside our house for months,
so I decided to finally put it to good use! It was perfectly weathered! 

2. Cut the base and long side pieces at the same length.
Then cut the end pieces, matching in length.

3. Nail the long sides to the bottom (I used my pneumatic nail gun - favorite tool ever!)

4. Slap on the color of paint of your choice and Voila!  Rustic Pallet Boxes.
These fit the mason jars PERFECTLY!

I did sand the boxes to "blend" the paint a little,
and then added felt on the bottom for protection.

The beautiful bride! :-)

Me and my sis...being a photographer, she set up a photo booth. Fun! :-)

This is my favorite picture with Great Grandma Opal in the background.

On the longer box, I made it a little bit more sentimental in a way.  I used old wood from the pallet, new chicken wire spray painted black, borrowed mason jars from our mom, and blue paint as a base coat under the white. They turned out better than I thought they would, and I'm glad she liked them SO much that she's using them at the reception! Love you sister!!! :-)

How would you use these in your home or event? What colors would you try?
Be on the look out for some more diy projects from the shower,
and another exciting giveaway!


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Jessie said...

You did a great job with the pallet. It looks especially lovely with the flowers. The shower looks fabulous, too and I am sure everyone had fun!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

P/S: Come by and enter my giveaway for a chance to win a personalized necklace. :)