Quick Tip Tuesday #2 PAINT!

Paint is by far one of the easiest and most affordable do-it-yourself methods to drastically change the way a room looks and feels.  The problem is...you may end up picking a color that doesn't convey the look and feel you want. What to do???  Ironically...my quick tip is -



Now I understand that sometimes we need to make quick decisions regarding these things, but unless you have more experience and design "eye", a quick decision in the realm of paint should usually stick to neutral territory in order to avoid a panic attack. :-)

Even in the building of our own home, we had to make a quick desicion on our interior paint. We stuck to neutral and although it bugs me that it's not what I had in mind and shows a pink undertone in certain lighting - it's tolerable. :-)

When selecting paint for your home, gather MANY swatches of paint, put them on the wall (or walls) of a room and observe how they look at different times of the day. Lighting is the largest factor in how a color will look in your home....shadows, sheen, how it looks from an adjoining room, and how it works with the accesories of the room. These are all factors to consider - I have a great example from the little house we stayed in the night before my sister's wedding.

Not the best pict. obviously, but the deep teal jewel toned wall was just enough punch of color to make this room feel pulled together and chic.  I can't wait to share some more pictures from this house!

Lastly, here is a great article I found on diynetwork.com on How To Select The Right Paint And Color For Your Home! It has great tips and goes into more depth on sheens, color theory, focal points, etc.

Bottom line....paint can be your best friend or worst enemy.
If in doubt..ask for some help!
I'm personally dying to try stenciling in the girl's room!

Up tomorrow - Pom-Pom Ball Tutorial

Happy Painting!


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