Quick Tip Tuesday!

Welcome to quick tip Tuesday! This is a new installation I am incorporating every Tuesday to give you some kind of quick little tip each week that just might make a BIG difference in your day to day life.  At this point anything is fair game, because let's face it - I'm a real person, and so are you! :-) Kind of like these gals...

Which one are you?! Hehe.  :-D

There are SO many things in my life that some kind, beautiful soul told me about. Things that make my world go round and I am forever grateful!  Some tips you'll already know, others may not apply, but hopefully most of them will benefit you and possibly your family.

Just thinking about one thing that I am SUPER thankful to know about - I'm wondering if you'd ever guess what popped into my head first thing....

Quick Tip#1:

Swiffer Dusters make the world go round

I think that's kind of funny that Swiffer came to mind first! Haha!!

Well, many years ago I was talking with a good friend (you know who you are), and I was complaining to her - yes...complaining - that my hubby actually expected me to dust the leaves on the plants. What?! Who does that?!!! Seriously? I was young and had a lot to learn (as still do), so she kindly listened, then very gently said, "Well....sometimes you really do need to do that. I know a great product called Swiffer...."

Um, hello! My life was forever changed, and my home is better for it. What good is great furniture and decor if it's all dusty anyway? :-)

Please, PLEASE - let me know if there are any particular areas that you would love to get some quick tips about!

Happy Tuesday!


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