The Shelving Is Up!

There are some things that we are good at, and others...well, not so much.  One of those, um, "not so much" for me is hanging things up on the wall. I have failed more times than one, BUT getting better each time. That counts, right? :-)

So, I've had these shelves built for awhile and waiting to hang in our formal dining space. And finally, the hubby and I drilled them (well he drilled - I directed) in place, and voila!


I love how it turned out. It just makes the space feel complete.

Here's a close up with the first base stain...you can see this come through
where the black is distressed. I love how it turned out.

Some close-ups...

Plans for these shelves can be found here. Or contact me
to build some for you with a custom size and finish.
I'm thinking about putting these literally
all.over.my.house. LOVE them!!!

Hope you do too! ;-)

On a side note, head over to my friend Kristy's site @ HyphenInteriors. She's presenting some designs for her laundry room in 3D renderings for everyone to vote on, and she made one using some of my design ideas. I'm excited to see how it turned out and what YOU think!

So go take a peak and vote for your favorite! :-)


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