Pom Pom Ornaments - Family Fun!

It's been a pretty laid back day beginning our
Thanksgiving festivities.
The kids and I ventured to Joann's today
and picked up some Ron-Loc Muslin.
All for some family crafting of pom-pom ornaments!

Hopefully we'll be getting a tree Saturday to put these on. :-)

This muslin is a little more expensive,
but it looks and feels fantastic.

It did get a little messy making these ornaments though! See the floor!!!

The girls helped out with a couple each.


The ornaments still needed "haircuts" as I say.
You can find the tutorial for these here.

I hope you are enjoying the kick-off to your Thanksgiving holiday,
and I pray that you are safe, happy, and blessed!

Happy Thanksgiving (early) :-)


1 comment:

Danielle said...

These are beautiful. I love them. Simple and elegant. Maybe I'll have a go making them for our tree. I think my boys will have fun with this project. Happy Thanksgiving!