Inspirations....Furniture, Fashion, and Decor

Well that would be my lovely sister behind that sign
which I totally would like to make a diy version
and put it up in my house.

On our recent Sister Day, Kayla and I headed out
for some window shopping extravaganza!
Between H&M, Anthropologie, and even Joann Fabrics
we found plenty to oogle over and be inspired by.

In really no particular order...prepare to be inundated.

Loved this table!

Beautiful turquoise jewelry.

This hutch had quite the character!

I walked into Anthropologie.
Screamed in excitement (in my head, of course).
And snap, snap, snapped away.

I can't wait to make something like this with the hubby!

AWESOME chair! Ahhhh!!!

Beautiful chest.

This picture really does not do this hutch justice.

Another awesome chair. The green strings
were part of a little project the employees were working on.
They were sweet and helped me pick out some knobs. :-)

The sliding doors on this were amazing.

 Ok...moving on.

Some great home decor.

(Sorry for the blur on this one.)
I'd love to make some diy art with metal letters like this -
they were amazing quality. Unfortunately not so wallet friendly. :-(
Don't worry...I'm brainstorming a way to make.it.happen. :-)

Some blingy tree decor - could also be a tree topper.

These are at Joann Fabrics!!! I about died when I saw them.
LOVE!!!!!! I want to decorate our entire tree with a set!
The new Dick's Burgers in Edmonds - classic!

Ok....we thought these frilly things at GAP were cute.

These at H&M?????? NOOOO!!!!!!!!
Few people know that before my oldest daughter (6)
was ever born, I would see super cute things from H&M
in fashion magazines that were actually within my budget.

Not having an H&M close by, I checked online -
WHAT??? No online shopping!
I was SO bummed that I literally, oh yes I did,
write to the company.
Basically I said....
Please, please, please, if you put a store in Seattle
I will shop there!

Ahem....this was my first trip.
And now you know why I was SO excited!
It had been toooo long since a store had opened.

Ok - so since you can't buy online,
hop on over to the giveaway
for a sparkly snap bracelet by H&M
if you haven't had a chance to enter yet!

Have a great weekend!
Take a moment to kiss your kids,
tell someone how much you care, and/or give somehow to
your local food bank or shelter for
the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday!


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Tracy said...

Hi Anneke! Thanks for visiting my blog and checking out my duck egg blue dresser. For the top I used Kona stain by Rustoleum, which is nice and dark, and I used about 3 coats.

Looks like you had a fun shopping trip! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

natasha {schue love} said...

Wow! What a great day with your sis! So much eye candy!