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Hello and Happy Saturday! I'm popping in here to give you a sneak peak of the latest up for sale. The full reveal will be next week along with some amazing finds from my Sister Day!  In the meantime I've been fighting this cough and sniffly nose along with the rest of my family (and maybe the entire population). Whatever it is, it's given me a week of sleepless nights. :-( BUT that makes me thankful for my hubby who let me sleep in this morning - what a sweetie. :-)

So. Here you have it. A little sneak peak to keep you in suspense until Monday or so. ;-)

I'm also repeating this next bit of info. from last week
for those who may not have read about it.
It's a great chance to give a SHOUT OUT
to the wonderful person who designed your blog!


"Just a heads up, I'm planning to begin the process of transferring
to Wordpress and get an official designer to give my blog
a makeover and make it user friendly.
I know I could figure it out eventually, but seriously...
I'd rather do a bagillion other things that I do better and faster.
I'm hoping to have this complete in the next month
(Psssst....it's my b-day this month!)
and have my blog look like I've been
hoping it would since I dove headfirst blind into blogland
began blogging 6 months ago!
Be on the lookout!"   :-)

I already have someone lined up, but I'd love to
know who you use or who's designs you love
in the wonderful list of blog designers!
If I get enough input,
I'll put together a SHOUT OUT
for all of your faves!!!
Who do YOU love and why/what do you love
about them and their work?

Thanks for stopping by today, and



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Gwen @ The Bold Abode said...

I was talking to my hubby tonight about Wordpress... What pushed you over the edge to make the switch?