A Week In The Life...

I haven't been able to work on much
this week via "RustiChic", so I thought
it might be fun to give you a little recap of
a week in the life of Anneke. :-)

Nevermind I'm a full time mom for just a sec -
oh wait, that's only 75% of my time!

Well...we had our first ever "triple time-out"
as I'm calling it.
It was so funny I had to get a pict.


This SO captures each of their little personalities! Lol! :-D

Some book time with daddy. Yes...the boy really can sleep anywhere.

This is what I call bribed compliance @ Lowe's. :-)

I could barely push the cart and ended up at the walk-in
clinic that afternoon. I mentioned that here.
We were getting wood to make this faux mantle for my
sister's photography studio and Santa picts.
After a few days sitting on my butt "resting", I couldn't stand it anymore.
Off to the garage I went.

I'll share some professional pictures
after I get some from Kayla! Yeah!!! 

I've been getting some personal online orders in the mail this week.
One was this lamp that I had in our Family Room Concept Board.
I LOVE IT!!! (I actually got 2 of them.)

Here's the new IKEA cover to our $150 sectional
I found from a very nice couple on Craigslist.

Ahhh....the white.

I needed some new furniture feet, but they didn't go in right,
so now......

My living room looks like this....

....and not this....

.....until the hubby gets off his firefighter shift tomorrow,
because I pretty much threw my hands up in the air
and said, "Forget it."
I wrestle enough with my two-year old -
I don't want to wrestle with my couch! Lol :-)

In the meantime, I leave you with a lovely
"What I Wore Today" picture.
My first ever...Festive, right? ;-)

You may see jeans and sweatshirt, but I see
a dented candle because my monkey boy once
climbed on the counter and smashed the poor thing
to the ground. Love him to pieces still! :-)

And there you have it.
A smidge of a picture in the life of...

Have a GREAT weekend!


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Gwen @ The Bold Abode said...

hahahaha! My living room looks like that anyway! Just kidding...no, I'm not...yes I am...nope...AAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!

Glad your feeling better! That mantle is outta sight!

Emily said...

Your hair is getting SO long!

Anneke {RustiChic} said...

Emily! I know!!! I love it, but I am due for a trim in the next few weeks. ;-)

the modern cottage said...

Excited to find you. Erin from Clementine and Olive was here tonight and told me about you. Exciting to find another local furniture blogger.
-Alison of The Modern Cottage Company

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

I love that you posted about real life...the triple time out just kills me! That is something that happens quite frequently at our house! (c: It's good to know we aren't the only ones!