Family Room Design Concept

Well one advantage to being in physical recovery is that I am getting to spend more time actually getting the things spinning around in my head onto concept boards! Yeah! I've been spending a lot of time lately really evaulating our personal space, how we use it, storage solutions, colors, everything. For my husband's sake, and my own really, I don't want to feel like we are constantly re-designing our house. I think a little bit of this comes from the nature of finding deals on craigslist. For example, I bought a table to use at my sister's bridal shower this summer and then refinish and sell. Well, I liked it a lot, enough to keep it and sell what we already had (even for the same price we bought it two years ago! And we basically made $125 since the table we kept was less expensive). It's a score in my book, but I can't be constantly doing this to my family! lol :-)

So, I've been working on a concept board for our family room, which is really the kitchen, dining space, and living room all in one open concept. For a long time I've loved olive green, burgundy, tans, etc., and they feel very "down" to me lately when I see them in our space. Not necessarily anywhere, because other places where these colors are used I still love them. I think I'm just ready for something different. I keep praying this all doesn't look weird...every person's fear right? I look at the things I love and I see nautical beachy, industrial, glam chic, modern, bright pops of color against distressed weathered woods......um, excuse me - how do I pull this all together???

Well...here is what I have at the moment. I'd love your "kind" opinions.

McConnell Family Room

What do you like, not like, what works, what seems funny?
Here is a reminder of what the space looks like.

I'm terribly indecisive at times when it comes to details. I know what I'd like to have where, but as to what kind, shape, size, color, texture...oh, that can take awhile. Every choice will make a difference, and in the end make all the difference. Oh boy - I'm starting to sound too serious here! lol :-)

How about some more reader opinions? I'm struggling over what kind of mirror look to go for. I know I'd like something unique (not a classic thick framed rectangular mirror - that's for a different place in the house).  Here are some ideas:


Italian Looking Glass Mirror Silver Leaf


Eloquence Lyon Mirror


Jamie Young Mirror Jute Rope


What do you think??? I'm currently working on implementing
my design for our Reading Room, while planning for this space.

After months of renovating, I'm so glad we finally
sold our other house - it makes me feels a bit more
free to go ahead with more personal
projects like this!

Let me know what you think! :-)


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Elizabeth said...

For some reason the painting on the focal wall all by itself seems off scale...like there should be a credenza under it or like the picture should be larger, or a triptych, or sconces or something. With the board you have put together with some wicker baskets and the modern touches, I like mirror C.

Anneke {RustiChic} said...

That picture is 48" x 48" and everything feels empty and bare. I agree. I forgot to say my husband wants to put the tv on that big wall, and have something like what's on the concept board underneath! Thank you for your opinion!

White Lacquer said...

Love A & B. Both would be fabulous!! I noticed you're in WA, I'm from there, but moved to AZ 3 years ago. Thank you for your comment, or I might not have found you to follow! :)

Xx. Patience


Jessie said...

I am loving the second mirror (B). It has simple lines yet the shape is beautiful and unique. I think it would look great in pairs above the console table or perhaps above your sideboard/ credenza.

Love so many of your selections on your moodboard, the animal stripes wing chair is my favorite!

Have a happy weekend, Anneke!


Susanna said...

I have to agree that mirror option B is lovely and would be my top pick! Good luck bringing all your ideas together. :)

Jani said...

Thanks for the blog love! I think you've got some great ideas for your space. What about three mirrors--a B in the center flanked by two Ds? :) Of course, I don't know what size they are or if that'd work, but it'd look gorgeous!