Tall Entryway Design Concept

The entry to our home has this super high
wall which often feels like it deserves more
attention than it's been getting.
The potential is amazing!

Since I've been implementing the design
for this entry room, which you
can see here, my mind has been
looking at this wall and thinking,
"What would work to make this "us"
and "functional", while making
the perfect impact?" :-)

Btw...I sold the bench. The hubby thought
it was just a few inches too long.
I don't mind though. :-)
I just build another one, right?

So...here is what I designed for this space.
I'm SO excited!!!

McConnell Entryway

Ok, so let me give a little explanation....

While I feel the trend will stick for awhile,
I'm not convinced on putting money into
more expensive items like a rugs, drapes, etc.
The perfect solution to me is to paint a chevron
pattern on this gargantuon wall.
It will be affordable and easy to change
down the road.

Next, I'd love to frame maps of places
that my husband and I specifically have
traveled to . I'm not one to put up a
piece of art "just because".
I really want it to be significant
or meaningful in some sort of way.
We always try to keep a global perspective
in life, and I feel this would make
a statement about things that matter
to our family.

I'd love to place a long, skinny black console
table in this space, with some greenery
and a nice tray of some kind to catch little "extras".

Incorporate some awesome Pottery Barn
double hooks, lamps, baskets,
and an entry rug to finish everything off
and you have yourself a complete look.
I can't wait to implement this next!

What do you think?
I'd love to know!

Hope your day is great!



Megan said...

I super heart love your idea! Chevron walls are the way to go and I love the idea about using maps! Can't wait to see it!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i love the idea! by the way, your blog again disappeared from my reader and voila today was there (along with like 6 others!) so i am catching up!