Out on Injury

Remember when I said out entire family was sick for what seemed like forever??? Now it's been three weeks! Last Friday I went to the walk-in clinic after attempting to pick up some wood at Lowe's and was barely able to push the cart and completely unable to pick up the wood.

So I'm popping on here quick to let you know I'm on a bit of an injury leave. Coughing for so hard and so long has left me with a rib issue that requires anti-inflammatory meeds, muscle relaxers, ice, and yes...blowing up balloons! Lol :-) Oh yeah..no lifting. Like it hurts to lift the coffee pot, and that, my friends, is 10 times worse.

We'll see if I can manage some painting, but in the next week I'll try to follow drs. orders as best as I can. I'll admit the first day was easy. Ever since then...not so much.

Be back soon!



Gwen @ The Bold Abode said...

Boo! I'm finally getting over my Christmas tree allergy attack...

Get well soon so we can see some more of yur otta-this-world projects!

Elizabeth said...

poor baby!

Danielle said...

Feel better soon. I'm a firm believer in lipton soup with extra noodles - that is what my mom always gave me growing up when I was sick.

shellyandrade said...

Hope you're up and feeling better soon. I've been sick and can't seem to shake my some kind of lung infection either. I hate to say it, but I'm going on three months now. See a pulmonologist the end of January ~ Hoping you get better much sooner!!!

Jessie said...

Hope you get better soon. I know how it feels when it hurts so bad you can't lift even the lightest object. When my son was 2 months old, I accidentally sprained my wrist. I had to hold my son for feeding and so on and it hurts like crazy. Didn't visit the doctor or anything, the pain finally went away after more than 2 months! It was such a torture, I still had to cook, take care of the baby and do household chores without any help (until maybe when my husband got home from work)!