Top 5 Craigslist Purchases from 2010

I know....you must be thinking, "What??? 2010".  I might as well talk about the 80's! ;-)

But since I am such a big Craigslister, I wanted to share with you what I would consider my Top 5 Craigslist Purchases from last year, that THIS year, I am STILL loving!!!

Here we go.....

5. Set of 3 Brand New Restoration Hardware Pendant Lamps for $200.

They just didn't work in the homeowner's house they were building and it was a discontinued item they could not return. I only needed one, so I sold two as a pair for $150, and used the one in my son's room. I scored a brand spankin' new Restoration Hardware Pendant Light for 50 bucks people.

4. Tuscan Style Wall Hanging for $80...just down the road.

This thing is HUGE....47" x 47"! It's PERFECT for our living room wall!

3. INSANITY workout DVDs for $40 (like $150 or something through their website)

These are the craziest DVDs ever. I LOVE them!
We live close to the ferry, and this was for sale on the other side (a slight price increase).
But we packed up the kids and made a little ferry/island field trip out of it,
and made a great memory.

2. Starbuck's Barista Espresso Machine for $80

The guy I bought this from was probably in his late 50s/early 60s.
He said he had bought it for his mother, who only used it once a week the past couple of years.
I use it just about EVERY day! HA!!! :-)

1. My Apple iPad 16gb wifi for $425.

I probably saved about $150 buying this barely used with the prices at the time, and I LOVE IT!!! Do you see a theme? Every day I am so glad that I got this. I just love tablets in general, and I'm so excited about the different versions coming out. I might pass this one in particular onto the kiddos since it's so basic, and keep a lookout for an iPad 2 with the cameras...that would make blogging super easy.

I hope you've enjoyed these favorite finds of mine today. I'd love to hear about yours!


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Anneke said...

Just adding a personal comment that you will often find me in my 'shop' with my iPad connected to an Ana-white.com furniture plan (like today!) building something! :-)