Reading Room Concept

When you walk in our home, this is what you see...


We have officially named this "The Reading Room"

Now, I actually REALLY like our Reading Room, and almost every single item in that room was purchased via Craigslist.  The chairs are reclining Barcaloungers, the couch is a down filled custom Ethan Allen that was only a few years old (it might be more comfy than our own bed) :-), a huge Pottery Barn Rug, iron base glass top coffee table, and of course AMAZING photography by Kayla @ KaylaJPhoto.com.  I call this my $10,000 room (hypothetically....not sure how much it would all really cost retail) that I scored for....wait....can you guess???


$1000 (plus a little gas)  Seriously.......isn't.that.AMAZING!!!!! And we use this room A LOT!
So...I think I must have a two year design itch or something, because I just have it in my head to do something different. I know, crazy. Or normal design loving person???
I've never done a storyboard, but found OlioBoard.com to be an easy first start to get everything out of my brain so I don't have to even think about it anymore!  What I learned through this is basically - I.love.pillows! Haha!!!

Here's what I came up with.

It's just ideas (ahem....3 trays....19 pillows?) You know - different seasons. ;-)
More seating with a slipcovered sectional that I can bleach (because I do have 3 little kids). 
Basket for blankets. Basket for books.
I'm set!

Like the cute doggy side table/crate for our mini shnauzer Riley? That will be a definite build like this. I am hoping to build that, the coffee table (with my amazing welding trained hubby), the mirror (found a few tutorials here, here, and here, but may enlist my metal savvy hubby), and a tray. That is unless Ross or Craigslist have their way!

I'm leaning toward a coastal/relaxed feel. I would love to hear your ideas!

Giveaway Winner will be announced sometime Saturday! YEAH!!!

Have a great weekend!



Michaela said...

It looks so wonderful. Love the concept you came up with! It's so fresh and chic

Anneke said...

Thanks Michaela! I hope it will come to life sooner than later! :-) ~Anneke

Hyphen Interiors said...

Fun! Can't wait to see it happen. Great job with Olioboard.