It's Your Lucky Day...I'm Having a Clearance

Sometimes, you make things that everybody loves, but seriously...nobody buys. All I can say is "Oh well...guess it's your lucky day!"

Here is a full size Rustic Mahogany Stained Headboard
with a bolted metal frame.
Yours for $140.

Yes...I need better photos. I think that might be part of it. Your lucky day!!! :-)

Here is my beautifully painted chair. I haven't been the best about listing it, because I actually really like it. But realistically, I don't have the space to keep it. Since it was a fun experiment, I'm willing to let you have it for $120. (Just schedule when my girl's aren't around) :-) jk

My last round creamy side table. 24" x 24" Asking $75

Contact me through this website or facebook if you are interested in any of these!



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