The Rug...and a few lessons.

Well first of all
to everyone new following along here!
SO happy to have you!!!

If you've been following a little while,
you know I've been trying to be patient in
getting our living room put together.
Dare I share my lack of success??? :-/

So...we got the rug. One.little.problem.
Do you see it?
Well, I knew I got a little smaller rug than
our previous one, but I thought the size would work fine.
Nope. Even with getting a smaller rug pad,
it just doesn't look right.

But THIS is the problem I'm talking about.

A little closer for ya.

It unfortunately arrived like this in the mail. :-(

Thankfully RugsUSA has been great.
The result? I was given a full refund for damages,
no UPS inspection, SO, basically a free rug with a hole in it.
Hm? What am I supposed to do with it???
They said I can donate it, throw it away, whatever.
It's too small for the room, I don't know if I really have a different
place in the house for this rug where I could 'hide' the rug....?????

I'm wondering if I should be a little thankful since
I didn't go with my gut on getting the bigger size?
Lesson learned!!!

Anyway....here are the next couple of pieces in the works!

I picked this up over the weekend and am SO excited!
I've been looking awhile for something like this
with these lines and have a very specific idea for it!

This is an amazing quality Stanley dresser.
Everything functions perfectly.
It is going to be a beautiful high gloss coral color, and I totally
envision it in a girl's room!
The center door opens to 3 drawers. Nice! :-)

Here's Annabelle helping with some work for
She's only $166.00 from meeting her goal!!!
Thank you for your support so far! :-D

I hope you're off to a great start to your week!
I'm definitely feeling quite contemplative over
some big decisions right now. That's why I love
my time working on furniture...gives me time to think. ;-)


Love to have you follow along via

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