Kayla J Photography Studio Reveal!

I am such a terrible blogger....seriously. Don't try to flatter
me, but thank you for understanding I'm a stay at home mom! ;-)
For those of you jumping in, awhile back my sister,
who is a professional photographer, aquired a new
studio space that need some major design help - guess
who got to help out?!!! I told her first thing (because we ARE sisters!)
"Ok....I'll try not to drive you nuts. Just trust me."
I hope you LOVE it!!!
Mostly pictures from here on out!

Seating area for clients


New carpet was needed.

Prop storage in the old bank vault = SUPER COOL!

Oh, the colors! :-[

This is the desk area and client seating. That wall was
definitely a design challenge...pretty unsightly!

This is where the photos will be taken.

Gallery wall.

Bathroom and client viewing room.


My sister said she just wanted it to feel light and bright.
I think she thought I was CrAzY when I said
she should paint the long wall a dark charcoal gray!

Notice the lighting/fan - those HAD to go!!!

Moving all the stuff in (and out!).



Client Seating

Front Right Window Displays
& Huge DIY Mirror (more to come!)

Large Portraits Over Muslin Fabric,
Hung with nailhead trim. Different lighting elements.

This is very special...a picture of my sister and our dad
who passed away in 2003 and old family camera.

Seating area.

Craiglist dining table repurposed as a desk!
Stainless legs and ashwood top.

Gallery Wall as viewed from her desk.
(Kayla was fixing the mounting this day)

I was very excited to make this console table for Kayla.
I found a similar one online and knew I could make it
for a fraction of the cost and that
 it would fit the space perfectly!

"Floating" hardwood floor for the shooting area
and traverse rod for backdrops
(that would be my kid btw) ;-)

Old Bank Vault as prop storage.
I'll ask Kayla for a picture of the inside.
It's SO cool and perfect for her storage!!!

Client viewing room with screen projector.

Still need to update the couch, but it works great for now!

Oh  my goodness, I'm ridiculously excited about this mirror.
This cost about $125 to make, and people - it.is.HUGE!!!
Like 42" x 96"
(give or take - I can't remember!)
Be on the lookout for a tutorial. :-)

A glimpse of the new chandeliers we picked out!
So modern, elegant, AND chic!

5-light Rectangular Chrome Crystal Chandelier
This is the picture from Overstock.com

I hope it feels light and bright enough like Kayla had imagined
and that her clients find it to be an inviting space.

This project was SO fun!!! It was a mix of new items,
Craiglist finds, DIY projects, and a lot
of creativity on a budget!

I hope you enjoy the after!

Have a great day!


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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

wow, anneke! it looks AMAZING! it is so chic and earthy and just freaking awesome! nice job, friend!

the cape on the corner said...

great space, and i LOVE that table you built!

Pillows By Dezign said...

LOVE the before and afters! So inspiring :)