25 Random Things You Might Want To Read...Well, At Least One

1. When I thought about writing these, I instantly thought of my 4 year old Lauryn - she's the epitome of randomness.

2. The other day I, um, "charbroiled" our leftover pizza (homemade btw - yum!).

3. Lauryn, VERY emphatically said, "This smells like fried bananas!!!!" :-D

4. And apparently we can sometimes wear skirts as shirts, but only if we're eating fried bananas.

5. That sounds like a Dr. Suess book. And ew. ;-) lol

6. I went into the walk-in clinic today, thankfully the result is just a "pissed off" throat.

7. Really??? That was seriously the doctor's diagnosis!

8. I don't ever  rarely say "pissed off".

9. But when the dr. said that it made me chuckle a bit. What dr. says that???!!!!!

10. If you haven't been vaccinated for whooping cough, please do.

11. I understand if there are reasons some of you don't vaccinate, but if you haven't just because you've been busy. Stop being busy and get the vaccine - thaaank.you!

12. After our family's various sicknesses, I'm fighting the urge to go all-extreme, all-natural, all-organic, all-crazy healthy on my family.

13. I try to be realistic sometimes.

14. This is a big year in a sense. My husband and I are celebrating 10 years of marriage in June, and I turn 30 in November. Yay!

15. SO excited to have a trip to Hawaii planned for our anniversary! I will plan my 30th, and my husband knows this. It's ok....like, REALLY ok!

16. I have NEVER been to Hawaii before. :-)

17. It's actually a "big" year of travels planned for us. I know the term "big" is relative.

18. Philadelphia, Vegas (Woot-woot!!!), Hawaii, maybe CMAs (oh please, oh please!), at least 3 family camping trips

19. We're not "real" campers. We have a trailer...everyone else traveling with us has motorhomes. Like second home motor homes. (Hi Grandma!)

20. It's REALLY nice - I like camping. ;-) Lol

21. Every day I thank God for each of my kids.

22. I already see the time passing too quickly and how fast they grow. They are 2, 4, and 6.

23. We want to spend days on the beach and taking our kids fishing in the Sound.

24. We like to build sand castles in the summertime and watch the waves crash in the winter.

25. Oh yeah. We put an offer on a beach house.

I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :-) To be continued.....

Have a GREAT weekend!


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studio1404 said...

Hope all works out with the beach house! How exciting!!! So glad I found your blog through Shauna's party. Your furniture is gorgeous!

The Bold Abode said...

Wow. I don't know what we're doing next week...forget summer or fall...hahaha... That's awesome about the beach house!

Deidre said...

Love your list! Whats up with the whooping cough right? It was going around here pretty bad and my daughter got it and she hasnt been sick since she was 3 and shes 14 UGH!! So cool a beach house! We camp in the Adirondacks,in a tent! did I mention I hate camping,lol stop over and chat sometime:) Deidre~ http://simplysimplisticated4.blogspot.com

emily ressegue said...

Ok, say what to that beach house!!!!!!!???!??!!! AWESOME!

AND, why would you resist going Organic! Do it. You won't be sad you did!