Family Room Update

Awhile back I posted this design concept for
our family room, which just so happens to be one BIG
room with the kitchen and dining.
I love how open it is!

Here was my design:

McConnell Family Room

And here's where I'm at:

Craigslist apothecary cabinet I need to fix up.

New natural shades on the big windows.
Here's the day view - we're going to "fix" those
parts hanging down because we would like to protect
the little view we actually have of the water! :-)

Night view - yay! No more fish bowl feeling!!!

We got all 5 of our shades from Select Blinds.
I am in no way affiliated with them and this
is just me speaking as a happy customer!
All 5 shades cost us about $325! That's it - custom ordered!
This is the second time we have ordered from them
and both experiences have been super great. :-)

Here's my view from behind the kitchen bar.

See that peeking out on the left???
It's our barstools! Hooray!!!
Let me tell you,
when you have a bar.
with NO barstools.
it drives-you-nuts!

I finally looked at my husband and was like,
"Can I just order the barstools already???!"
(He's a trained sheet-metal worker and was a little
nervous, but ecstatic that they are welded and solid!)
I got these from Overstock.com
(Again, no affiliation)

Ok...so some changes:

Two of these chairs, one each flanking the tv console.

Unfortunately, it is currently out of stock and I didn't jump
on getting them quick enough. Crossing my fingers
they get back in asap!

BUT, just in case, I also like this...

Wildon Home Augusto Accent Chair in Walnut

and this....

What are your thoughts???
I need your opinion! :-)

I've also sold the barcaloungers and coffee table
(both previous Craiglist purchases)
for a nice profit, and still
waiting on the rug and couch to sell.

The hubby put the tv on the wall and
it looks AWESOME! :-)

As I've been looking around for what to fill in the space,
things are always changing slightly
and I'm still debating on the styling of that huge wall!

That thing is a PAIN!

But - I've promised my husband, I'll be super picky, not
rush it, and just get it "right" and not touch the room again for at least
two years or something! ;-)

I know...funny right? Lol



Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

Lookin' slick, lady! I love those natural shades...they always add some warmth and texture to a room. And those are such awesome bar stools, too! Great progress, girl, can't wait to see more!

Gwen @ The Bold Abode said...

Love, love, love! And the slipper chair is GORGEOUS, but I can never seem to bring myself to buy one cuz I need the arms... But they are so pretty and modern!

Restoration Chic said...

Please, PLEASE get the slipper chairs! Your other choices are lovely but you are too interesting for beige.