Round Mirrored Side Table

Awhile ago I got this little side table at ROSS for my sister's studio design project, and we didn't end up using it. I was planning on painting it for her space and really LOVE the look of it. So then I debated...return it or keep it. Well keep it of course! And I am SO GLAD I DID!!! Here's what she looks like now:

All of my Facebook friends were so awesome with input
on ideas for the piece.

Here's the before:

If you really want it...fine, I'll sell it to you. :-)

Really...this has been an extremely weird week.
People...I acquired a major (for me) amount of furniture
and currently have 10+ pieces waiting for repairs and makeovers.
And I am SOOO excited.

There's definitely a reason I'm kicking into high gear,
and I want to tell you but I can't just yet! 
Don't you hate that?! It's ok...you can be mad at me. :-)

Well I also got to go to my sister's photography studio today,
deliver the rug, and get pictures! Yay!!!
I'll be sharing that this coming week and you won't
want to miss the transformation!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and don't
forget to enjoy the view!!! :-)


Ok....last time:

If you didn't see this on the last post,
I wanted to let you know again.
As a head's up, I am active on the Facebook page nearly every day
as well as Twitter and Pinterest. I love blogging, but have found Facebook
to be a more practical way for me to interact with others!
Thanks SO much for following along. :-)

Please consider liking any of these pages, however
when I reach 500 Facebook fans I will do a
giveaway. Why???
Because I LIKE you too!!! :-)

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The Bold Abode said...

Wow! You are gong to be busy! The table is gorgeous...Have a great weekend, Anneke!