It's Gonna Be A BUSY Week

Nothing like starting the New Year off with some craziness, right? Especially from a super anti-get-crazy-busy kind of person like myself! But love prevails, and I am SO excited to be helping my sister semi-renovate and design her new studio space for her photography business, Kayla J Photography. Check out her amazing work at www.kaylajphoto.com! I have been browsing, shopping, measuring, researching, and building for her new space and having a BLAST!!!

All this to say, don't expect too much from me this week, but after her Grand Opening this coming Saturday, be prepared to be bombarded friends! :-)

I am still pretty active on the Facebook page, so check in when you get the chance - I love all of your input!

Since I didn't do any kind of Christmas decor post, I thought I'd leave you with a picture of my favorite decoration in my house this Christmas. The ladder was my husband's Great Grandpa's (we're still semi-verifying that!), but it's so cool! The real deal rustic. ;-)

Have a great week!


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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

that sounds SOOOOO fun!!!!!! i can't wait to read/see all about it after saturday!

Anneke {RustiChic} said...

Thanks Cassie! Btw...I can't believe that picture is sideways!!! I hate it when your scheduled post doesn't look like your preview! I'll have to fix that when I get a moment on the computer. ;-)

Emily said...

ha ha... You can still tell it's a great pic! Looking forward to seeing the reveal!