What in the world happened???.....oh yeah, L.I.F.E.!

So Literally every day I think about all the things I would LOVE to share with you...all the projects, ideas, tips, and special finds. BUT....actually finding time to write about them has not exactly been the easiest. Forgive me as I am on a major learning curve!

Needless to say, I have been completely occupied helping my hubby get our other house ready to sell (or rent? in this market). Guess what expertise I got to bring to the table? Yup...color selection, painting (like EVERYTHING!), and finishes. It has been fun, but of course not going quite as quickly as we'd like. Life happens, especially with a 2, 3, and 5 year old!

I'm definitely wanting to share a few posts on the whole process, but I can only share so much before it is officially done, done. :-). Here is a sneak peak of the kitchen countertops we had installed.

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!! (oh wait...TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES...SO frustrating, I apologize)

Well, it sure beats the before. Once I find a picture, you'll get the shock and awe, but for now all I can say is 60's yellow laminate! Ack! These are the kinds of things that make you ask, "Now why didn't I do this so much sooner?!"

So be prepared for much more blogging, and please bear with me as I am learning and organizing this site to make it easier for YOU!

Thank you friends!

Anneke :-)

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