The Clock That DOESN'T Work

When we first moved into our house after spending at leasts 2 years to design and build it start to finish, I couldn't wait to get onto designing already (which actually started before moving thanks to my understanding hubby!) It is a constant process....

So, onto our master bath, which I love, love, LOVE!!! But I'm still working on the space that surrounds the jacuzzi tub.  Right above the towel rack here I just REALLY wanted to put a big thick framed clock.  Here's the beauty (found at Ross or TJMaxx or something??):

I LOVE IT! However, about 3 weeks after hanging it on the wall...it stopped. Just plain stopped. Not the ticking though! You can actually hear a little tick, but in this pict. here you can see better:

It's always 12:18!

Now, I thought for sure that there is something out there I can fix this quite easily, but I've somehow never gotten around to it. I keep putting it off, and putting it off, and putting it off. Do you have something like that??? :-)

Then it dawned on me....life is full of so many responsibilities, and when I come in here, into this wonderful serene and relaxing space, I really don't want to know what time it is.

I want to look at this jar of shells and think of all the adventures
I've been on with my husband and kids. I want to just let.time.stop.

So I think because I love this clock so much, I'm going to keep it,
not just for wall decor - but as a reminder to let myself slow down.

What do you think? Is that crazy???
(It's okay if you do - I'm keeping it like that anyway)  :-)

On the other side of the tub however is this wall - empty.

What to do??? Hmmm....I'm thinking some thick wrought iron plaques maybe? Not to mention window treatments. I'd love to hear your input!

Coming up next.....a great little side table!

Enjoy your day!


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