I Won The Giveaway!!!

I can't believe I actually won something...that's never happened. I little while back I found Kristy's blog at HypenInteriors, and LOVE her blog.  She has been SO helpful to me as I am slowly starting to blog myself!  I entered her giveaway for a $35 gift certificate to Nice Rakc and I WON!!! Yeah! :-)  There are so many cool things on their sites, so go and check them out!

After working with Rachel at Nice Rakc, here is what I chose and received within a quick couple of days. I absolutely love it! Thank you Rachel and Kristy!!!

 Super cute strap!!!

 On the down side (sorry for this kind of funny faced pict.), BUT.....LOOK at what my camera started doing! Really??? Digitally moving lines. What does that mean? Camera heaven???

Well...despite that, I love my new purse. Just the perfect size for the mommy side of me, yet stylish and chic!

Thanks again and have a great weekend everyone! Next post is a refinished dining set.....

~Anneke  :-)

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