Bubba's Birthday Adirondack Chair

So time is definitely something I haven't had extra of lately.....great time to try and start blogging, huh?

So my son just had his 2nd birthday this last Saturday, May 8th.  I've been wanting to try and build a little adirondack chair found here, and thought this would be the perfect opportunity.  Needless to say, there is always a learning curve the first time around (i.e. this chair is not perfect), and I definitely learned A LOT. Being the last minute kind of person that I am, I built it the night before his birthday (leaving no time to finish, but hey...he's 2), then I proudly left it outside his bedroom door as a special morning surprise.  What this really means is that my 5 year old saw it first, because she is the epitome of a morning person, then she runs to tell her 3 year old sister (who is NOT a morning person). SO, I now have two more little orders in the works! Ha!!  You'll often hear me say, I really love my kids!

Just to show the unique taste of everyone, when I finished it on Sunday, my 5 year old was horrified when she saw how exactly I had finished it. Maybe you will be too! But I love it, and I love how boyish and rustic looking it came out! I just used Krylon Ocean Breeze Gloss Spray Paint (no primer), let it fully dry, then sanded misc. edges, and covered it in a Minwax Jacobean stain/clear glaze concoction, let it sit a few minutes, then wiped it off with a cloth. The cracks were definitely tricky, but I think it came out all right.

So here it is.....

Enjoy your week! We are headed to the East side for the week for fishing/camping/relaxing with the family!!!

~Anneke  :-)

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