The Queen Size Poster Bed

This was by far my best craigslist sale EVER.....1st post, 1st inquiry one day after posting, no questions, no bartering, and the hubby picks it up the next day. My friends...this is craigslist bliss! :-) And I think my hubby could certatinly get used to that hourly rate! This bed was screaming with potential....so here it is. Everyone likes before and afters, right? Of course!

The before.....such pretty lines, and then......

I LOVE how it turned out! In the mean time, I will be enlisting my amazing photographer sister @http://www.kaylajphoto.com/ to give me a few lessons. I am also super excited to be in the last stages of finishing an old stereo console I've been working on.....I honestly like it so much, I'm semi-secretly hoping I'll get to keep it on display for awhile.

The before pictures.....

 Just look at all the potential!

The poor guy didn't have a clue why I was freaking out over this old thing...just wait until you see the after and you'll know why!  :-)

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Hyphen Interiors said...

I love that bed! I'm so proud to be your first official follower!