The "Official" Painted Pink Chair - SO worth trying

So I think I finally have it a bit together to post an official before and after of The Painted Pink Chair.

Here is the before... (I'm not sure what the poor guy would do if he knew I was converting his beloved chair into a pink chic work of art)  :-)

And, the AFTER......

Nice legs, huh?

And this is what made it all worth it.....

Daddy taking his princess to the PNB Ballet!

Don't tell her...but this chair is actually up for sale. It's not "perfect", but definitely makes a statement!
Price is $140. Let me know if you are interested!



Emily said...

Love it!!! Great job Anneke!

Anneke {RustiChic} said...


Katie said...

I LOVE the pink chair! It looks perfect with the white!! Those legs are awesome!!

Pamela said...

This week must be the week for pink chairs!:) How long did it take for you to recover it? It looks fabulous!