Back from Vacation and Back to Work!

Aloha! And Happy Monday!!!

As much as I'm missing my time in Maui, I'm really
SO happy to be back home! I especially missed my kiddos!!!
It really was a great opportunity for my hubby and I 
to celebrate our 10-year anniversary.
Thankful to God and thankful for Grandmas! ;-)

Today, I'd love to share a few quick highlights, and
then it's beach house, beach house, beach house!

Did I say beach house???
Cuz it's on!


We snorkeled and swam with giant sea turtles, went zip-lining (do it!),
slept, ate, slept, ate, and laid on the beach.
But one of our BIG highlights started on this
little path (shown below) off the road to Hana.

Just before mile marker 11, you can follow this
path a little ways, look to the left and see this....

....then, to the right and see this.

This is Lower Puohokamoa Falls my friends -
a 200 ft. high waterfall.
Not much of a great picture here, but keep reading!

We were using the popular guide book Maui Revealed
and I browsed it quickly, thinking it basically said,
"Follow the path to the waterfall."

Um, no. It did not.

It really basically said,
"Go a ways on the path and enjoy the
beautiful view, unseen by drivers!"

But HEY, we're adventurous!!!
So we.kept.going. ;-)

Oh my goodness, we saw some very cool things...

But after not too long, we were headed straight down.
Literally...straight down, 200 ft.

The end of the path????

Oh that??????
Why yes, that IS a rope...to basically rapel down!!!

Ohhhhhhhh, but it was SO fun!
We got to hang out at the bottom of the waterfall
and go swimming and NO ONE ever showed up.

Other times of the year the waterfall is rushing, but this day
it was calm, not to warm out, and the upper terrain surrounding
the waterfall is lush green foilage - I couldn't capture that with
my little phone camera! But talk about GORGEOUS!!!

This was one of my fave pictures of
a little side cave at Black Sand Beach. :-)

And that's our trip in a super tiny nutshell!

Now that I'm home, I went to pick up some paint samples
for the beach house this past weekend and came home with these....

Looks like I need to order my own personal fan deck. LOL :-)
They really all look so different though, I swear!

Thanks to everyone on the Facebook page for giving input on colors!


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I hope you have a great start to the new week!


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